Review - Love From A Stranger at Milton Keynes Theatre

Be careful what you wish for is the tagline for this tense thriller which is performed at Milton Keynes Theatre this week
Love From A StrangerLove From A Stranger
Love From A Stranger

One of the lesser known pieces by the Queen of Crime Agatha Christie. It’s a departure away from the traditional staged whodunnits we have seen in the past and features a whirlwind romance.

A handsome and charming stranger sweeps Cecily Harrington off her feet and she recklessly abandons her old life to settle in the remote and blissful surroundings of a country cottage. However her newfound love is not all that it seems.

There is a lot to admire in this show which is incredibly well paced and the tension does build throughout the piece. Sam Frenchum is excellent in the role of Bruce, the man with more than a few hidden secrets and Helen Brabdury is truly excellent as Cecily Harrington. Nicola Sanderson provides plenty of comic relief to just slightly alleviate the creeping suspense.

There is also a really excellent set designed by Mike Britton both in the London flat and the countryside cottage.

It is difficult to avoid spoilers when properly discussing this show and the slight problem I have with it.

All I would say to make sure it isn't ruined is that there is a lot of ambiguity at the end which isn’t personally to my taste. You are left with a revelation which is interesting but you aren't quite sure whether it is the truth.

But it is a very interesting show and one that is worth a watch.

Love From A Stranger can be seen at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday July 7. To book tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit

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