Kind of magic from a master on the stage

A master magician who has bamboozled audiences across the country is bringing his ground breaking new illusion show to historic Stowe School’s Roxburgh Theatre on Friday.

This is the first time Stowe Arts has featured a magician in its events diary.

Over a 20-year career, Bristol-born Caspian has studiously resisted the glamour and camera trickery of television in favour of live audience performance.

And for illusionist Caspian, this jump from chicanery with playing cards to big theatre illusions could prove the biggest trick of his life.

Caspian has remained beneath most people’s radar, invisible to a wider audience that only sees modern legerdemain on television.

He said: “Performing only live before select audiences has enabled me to develop a unique style of grande legerdemain that pushes the boundaries of the art of illusion.

“What I’ve discovered along the way is a totally new principle that at first, I didn’t think could work.

“But it does, and it’s ‘the secret’ of a completely new kind illusion show, that I’ve called Live & Unreal.

“So even if you’re watching closely, blink and you’ll miss it – you’ll think you’re watching real magic!”

Caspian Live and Unreal starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £15, under 16s £8. Suitable for 10 years and over.

The running time is 120 minutes including an interval. Book tickets at

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