BalletBoyz (review)

I spent Valentine’s Day night in the company of ten rather beautiful and perfectly sculptured young men who left me breathless and in awe.

By Anne Cox @LBOanne
Sunday, 17th February 2013, 11:47 am

No, not what you might be thinking but an absolutely spellbinding, if short, performance by The BalletBoyz at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre where the enthusiastic audience was treated to a night of quite stunning dance.

Among the talented troupe was Luton’s own Matthew Sandiford who was making his debut with the dancers. Amazingly he didn’t discover dance until he was 18 and at Luton Sixth Form College. In a few short years he has appeared at The Olympics and worked with some of Britain’s finest dancers and choreographers. He is an inspiration to the dozens of school children who sat mesmerised by Thursday night’s performance.

Liam Scarlett and Russell Maliphant have each come up with new pieces for the national tour and they are each, in their own way, deeply hypnotic.

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The fluidity of movement between the dancers is a little like watching the intricate workings of a precision timepiece, each part momentarily touching another to further the continuum. It was mesmerising with both works beautifully matched to music by Max Richter and Armand Amar respectively.

Scarlett’s Serpent saw the barely clad dancers lithe and sinuous. They reminded me of those exquisite drawings of the male anatomy by Da Vinci as they bent and stretched themselves into one move after another, each muscle and sinew working to show the beauty and grace of their steps.

Malliphant’s Fallen was more visceral and street wise . There’s none of the overt sexuality you find in one of Matthew Bourne’s male-only works. This was all about the dance – aided by a completely pared down stage and lots of light-play. It was dark and moody and completely thrilling.

The BalletBoyz are continuing their tour around the UK. Catch them if you can.