Hollywood stars talk about hiding out in rural France in The Family

Once upon a time just seeing the names Robert de Niro and Tommy Lee Jones on the same bill was a promise of compelling cinema, but since the terrifying twosome started playing it for laughs you never know.

Thursday, 21st November 2013, 11:48 am

The Family is billed as a black comedy in which former mob boss Bobby is forced to enter the witness protection programme along with wife Michelle Pfeiffer and kids.

Tommy Lee is the gruff lawman charged with keeping these fishes out of water on the straight and narrow as they make a new life in rural France, which is easier said than done – particularly as there is a price on Bobby’s bonce.

We’ve been here before but it’s all jolly enough and with Luc Besson calling the shots there’s a pleasing combination of laughs and menace.

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The film is on general release from Friday – watch the video report to see Robert De Diro and Michelle Pfieffer talking about their roles.