Geoff from Chequers stars on The Chase but his team are beaten by Paul Sinha for £17k

Freelance manager Geoff was the star of his team as he helped them build a pot of £17,100 on the show, which aired on ITV on Monday evening.

By Deborah Price, Local Democracy Reporter
Monday, 23rd November 2020, 6:01 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd November 2020, 6:03 pm

Geoff told host Bradley Walsh he did 'all sorts of things' to relax and said he and his wife had quite a bit of land where they keep chickens, sheep and bees.

He said he would use any money he won for a holiday because they don't get away often due to looking after their livestock. And he would also get a few more sheep as they were good for keeping the grass down and a lot cheaper than ride-on mowers.

Geoff's team had already banked £9,100. Then Geoff blitzed the cash builder solo section of the show, answering eight questions correctly for £8,000 in the pot.

Geoff alongside host Bradley Walsh takes on Chaser Paul Sinha

Chaser Paul Sinha offered Geoff a high offer of £65,900, his £8,000 or a low offer of -£1,100.

"As much as I'm tempted to take on Paul for £65,900, I think it's more important that we have four dividing into 17,000. We've played as a team so far so let's stick with the team game, I'll go for the £8k."

Sinha criticised Geoff for his decision, saying he was good enough to go for the high offer.

And so it proved as Geoff got home with four to spare to make it a full house for his side.

Geoff from near Chequers was the star of The Chase on Monday night

In the final chase Geoff was the key player again, providing the majority of his team's 19 correct answers.

But failure to capitalise on a couple of pushbacks saw Geoff and his team caught with 30 seconds to spare.