Actor aims for fast recovery from rare paralysis condition

Brendan Carr
Brendan Carr

An Aylesbury actor struck down by a condition that has left the right side of his face paralysed is expecting to make a full recovery.

Brendan Carr was rushed to hospital after a suspected stroke, but was later diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

Now Mr Carr, star of cult flick Rise of the Footsoldier, is struggling to eat and has to drink through a straw, but hopes to recover in time to start filming sci-fi series Safelight19.

The recovery process could take between three months and a year with the help of training and steroids and morphine to ease the pain. But the father of three knows he is lucky not to be left with his face paralysed for life and says he is already seeing improvement.

Mr Carr, 32, said: “It was scary, I won’t deny it.

“I thought at first I was going to leave this world.

“But things could have been so much worse and I could be left like this for life.

“There are people out there far worse off than me. Having suffered this paralysis I now look at life in an entirely different way and I have so much respect for those people at how well they cope with things.”

Bell’s palsy is the most common cause of facial paralysis, the exact causes of which are unknown but it occurs when the facial nerve is damaged.

It affects about one person in 5,000. Those aged between 15 and 45 are most affected, with men and women equally likely to suffer from it. The recovery time varies from person to person and depends on the amount of nerve damage.