Joining the elite with a bust

The Veronica Scanner Live 3D Portraiture Photo. Picture copyright Factum Foundation
The Veronica Scanner Live 3D Portraiture Photo. Picture copyright Factum Foundation
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Plaster busts are generally confined to the great and the good, but now there is a chance for us all to have a bust cast created of our heads.

Throughout October half term Waddesdon Manor will present an exhibition and live experiment in 3D portraiture.

Visitors will be able to have their head scanned, and some of the results will be chosen at random to create real busts which will be displayed.

The exhibition and live experiment in 3D portraiture will take place in the Coach House Gallery in half term between Saturday October 22 and Sunday October 30.

The Veronica Scanner will be displayed alongside sculptures created by it. Visitors will be able to watch as the scanner’s eight cameras capture 96 high resolution photographs mapping the fine surface detail of a human head from every angle.

These 2D images will then be processed into 3D digital models, uploaded to an online virtual gallery in the exhibition and re-materialised as physical busts.

Wooden busts will be carved in front of visitors by a highly specialised robot, and a group of 3D printers will also print busts in real time.

A limited number of tickets are available for visitors to be scanned by The Veronica Scanner, but must be pre-booked. They cost £5 (plus standard Waddesdon grounds admission), call 01296 820414. This ultimate snapshot will take just four seconds, and participants will be sent a digital file of their head within a few days. With this data, they have the opportunity to 3D print their bust or re-materialise it in wax, plaster, alabaster, lead glass or even gilded bronze. Some of the scans will be randomly chosen during half term week to be printed and carved into three dimensional portrait busts in a variety of materials to illustrate the re-materialisation process to visitors.