Spare a thought for brave animal rights youngster

As you go about your business today, spare a thought for poor Katy Roberts.

Katy, who is only eleven, was so appalled with the horrors that went on at Spindles Farm that she felt compelled to mount a silent two day protest outside the farm last year to bring the incident to people's attention.

She also attended the trial on a regular basis and set up a website pledging her support for the RSPCA and the other agencies who investigated the case.

She has done more in her short life than many other people would do in the entirety of their's.

And now, as a thank you for her troubles, some half witted moron is mounting a hate campaign against her.

Whoever is behind this should feel ashamed of themselves for targeting a defenceless young girl who had the courage to highlight one of the worst ever cases of cruelty to animals ever seen in the country.

The sad thing is that the cowards responsible will probably never be caught and may stay in the shadows forever.

They may well think that they have scored some sort of victory.

But the reality is they have not because disgusting acts like this only serve to make people like Katy stronger.

It is a testament to her that she has seen those responsible for the Spindles Farm incident be punished as they should have been.

We can only hope that those behind this act are caught and held accountable for their actions. Katy has the support of her loving family and friends. With their unerring support, it is to be hoped she will not be affected too much by this. If only those leading this pathetic campaign had half her courage.

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