Letters round-up (including thanks to bin men and responses to UKIP win)


Letters to the editor appearing in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


Copy of a letter sent to Aylesbury Vale District Council: This is to thank your lads on the Rowsham Dustbin Run for their help in lifting my elderly neighbour off the floor.

He is in his mid-90s and suffers from dementia.

The lady, Mrs C, who lives in Manor Road, spoke to me about her husband again being on the floor in the house.

I have struggled in the past to lift him myself each time he falls.

This time it became too much for me, so I asked for assistance from them (the bin men) who happened to be in our road at the time.

It is called going beyond the call of duty, these lads on the council dust cart who gave assistance to this elderly gent.

So I need to thank them for their help at the time of emergency, as the ambulance seemed not to arrive and was soon cancelled due to not 

It was now near three-quarters-of-an-hour since the lady spoke with me and longer since she called 999 for help.

We understand that it was not a life-threatening incident but he was left in a very stressful condition.

So this is a letter of appreciation to those two guys from AVDC.

To me they were so helpful.

Name and address supplied


I understand two people complained on Twitter about the four Aylesbury Grammar School boys dressing up as thestars of Cool Runnings.

According to the national press they are a teacher called Julie Davies from Tottenham and her son.

Like last week’s Bucks Herald correspondents, I don’t see anything wrong with the boys making an effort to look like their film heroes just because the characters happened to be black.

In fact, wanting to pay homage to such stars shines a positive light on black communities – the opposite from what Ms Davies tried to imply.

Sadly, I believe looking for racism where none is present does more harm to racial equality than good.

However, I do think something was offensive about the story and that’s a teacher thinking it’s acceptable to complain about a fellow teacher on Twitter.

To make matters worse, Ms Davies reveals herself on Twitter to be a union rep.

I wonder if the National Union of Teachers condones their members criticising other teachers on public websites.

Name and address supplied


Having visited the AVDC Recycling Centre on the day that your correspondent’s letter was published, I feel compelled to comment on my own experience.

Accompanying a friend with a car load of assorted rubbish for recycling and unsure of how to sort it all out, we approached the staff for advice.

There was no “gangster music” and we were assisted with an enthusiasm and cheerfulness which was refreshing.

I remarked on how favourably the service here compared to that at the similar facility in my area of East Herts.

Marjory Leitch

Address supplied


I wholeheartedly agree with the Aylesburian (BH last week) that the Ducks should come 
back home.

I have supported them since the late 40s when Aylesbury had international polish players.

Colin Brown

Walton Place, Weston Turville


I would like to add my support the Aylesburian, and the bring the ducks home campaign.

I understand that the Buckingham Road ground is designated leisure land, so it’s an insight to what this council think of our leisure facilities, as they have laid abandoned and derelict for years

Richard Wentworth

Address supplied


I totally agree with your views about Aylesbury United being brought back home.

I have fond memories of watching United both at Buckingham and Wendover Roads.My grandfather played for them in the 1920s and won the Berks & Bucks Senior Cup against Chesham United.

The local council and businesses need to get behind a plan to get them back.

However for what it is worth I am of the opinion that Aylesbury is not big enough to support two teams.

United and FC should bury their differences and form a club to be proud of, like the old days.

Let’s stop languishing in the lower leagues.

Brian Small

Address supplied


So it’s clear that in both European and in Local elections UKIP have made strong gains.

This is clearly the case in Aylesbury Vale in the EU elections. Yet, while we are pleased, I know we have a long way to go.

Whilst we have built credibility for opposing the political elite both on a national and local level I appreciate some may have ‘lent’ us their vote.

I also recognise there are some who have reservations about UKIP.

Given some of the bias and one-sided media reporting you can understand the concern. We have to work even harder locally and nationally to put our fair, sensible and logical policies across.

In less than a year’s time there will be local elections in Aylesbury and of course the general election.

In that time we must continue to work incredibly hard to build respect and earn trust from an even greater number of people.

On a national and local level UKIP will continue to speak out.

We will continue our opposition to HS2, oppose completely unnecessary rises in council tax, fight against unsustainable housing development putting incredible pressure on our local roads and services, try our hardest to stop your council giving a £14 million non commercial loan to the ultimate developer of Hampden Fields and much, much more.

Of course, some might say its easy in opposition just to oppose but that is not our goal.

We have to earn your respect and prove to the electorate we are fit to govern and build on our success this time round. I for one am committed to this, you can join us too.

Phil Yerby

District Councillor, 
Aston Clinton Ward


Politicians and commentators alike are trying to make it appear that the recent success of UKIP in the European and local elections is due solely to anti-EU feelings.

It is not, and nobody, let alone politicians, should so deceive themselves!

We, like countless other disaffected Tories, voted for UKIP because they are the only political party who oppose the folly of HS2 and, make no mistake, we will do so again at the 2015 general election unless HS2 is cancelled.

Martin and Caroline Jacobs

Address supplied


I have just come back from the European Election count in Aylesbury and UKIP top the local poll with 16,870 votes or 35% of the vote, second Conservatives 15,051 votes or 31.5% of the vote, Labour 5,547 votes, LibDems 4,197 votes, Green 3,935, Independence from Europe Party 716, Christian Party Alliance 389, BNP 346, EDL 322, Peace Party 216 , others less than 100 votes.

If this result is replicated in the 2015 general election, David Lidington will lose his ‘safe’ Westminster seat: This result will send shock waves amongst the Westminster cosy political elite.

A major factor in this phenomenal result was the excellent local campaign run by UKIP not just on why Britain would be much better off if they left the EU economically but also the urgent need close the open borders that brings with it with mass movements of population (net migration currently running at more than 200,000 in the last twelve months).

But perhaps just as important to local people is HS2; this issue played a very important part in the result with people responding to David Lidington’s perceived feeble attempts to stop it.

UKIP did so well highlighting that only a vote for UKIP can stop HS2 , running a full page advertisement in the Bucks Herald.

The Conservatives now risk losing safe seats like Aylesbury along the HS2 route between London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds.

There is everything to play for in the next twelve months before the general election and HS2 will remain the big issue: If the Conservatives can lose this seat they can lose many more along the HS2 route.

Time to come off the fence Mr Lidington and stop disappearing on crucial commons HS2 votes; your seat is no longer secure. The people of Aylesbury have given their verdict through the ballot box, they will not be taken for granted if you don’t stand up for them.

Simon Icke

Aston Clinton


I recently wrote as a constituent to Mr David Lidington Member of Parliament for Aylesbury and Minister for Europe informing him that he is erroneously sending emails to myself that are for another constituent, and because this is being repeated I asked him to please confirm to me that this is being corrected and that the constituents who should have received this important correspondence concerning HS2 do in fact receive it.

I still have not received a reply from Mr Lidington confirming that this has been actioned.

Perhaps this is because I also stated in my letter that ‘whelk stalls come to mind’ or that I asked, ‘When are you going to stand up and be counted and properly represent the wishes of your constituents by voting against HS2?’

But I should not be surprised because when I and other constituents wrote to him back in October 2011 urging him in the interests of democracy and freedom to please say yes to an EU referendum and give the British people a voice at last, he made the following public statement that was published in the Bucks Herald at that time: “Aylesbury MP and Europe Minister David Lidington says for constituents an EU referendum is ‘the last thing on their minds’”, and this was also backed up by the leader of Aylesbury Vale Lib Dems Steven Lambert, and was also 
published at the time.

He stated “I don’t genuinely think that man on the street is thinking that the EU is really bad”.

In my humble opinion that was deceitful and contemptible by Mr Lambert, bearing in mind that he was fully aware of a Lib Dem flyer from the last election with Nick Clegg calling for an EU referendum which was mysteriously removed from their website in the early morning of the 21 October 11.

Also please remember that these comments by both of these out of touch politicians were made only five months after the 2011 AVDC elections where 15,891 constituents had already showed that they were very interested in Europe by voting for UKIP.

Fast forward to the 2013 Bucks CC elections last year where history was made when 6 UKIP County Councillors were elected by constituents again interested in Europe, and onto to Saturday night’s earthquake result in the European Elections in Aylesbury Vale when the electorate sent a message by putting UKIP top of the local poll with 16,870 votes or 35% of the vote.

However, Mr Lidington the elected representative for Aylesbury and Minister for Europe to boot did not attend the count to witness this and be available for discussion, I wondered if he was in Estonia, missing again as he was when there was a crucial vote on HS2 in Parliament.

But no I discovered the next day from the national press that he was a member of a SKY news panel at the time, and I quote what the national newspaper journalist covering said “ David Lidington, the Minister for Europe, a man so rarely seen on TV that no one knew who he was”.

As a taxpaying resident of Aylesbury Vale and a constituent of Mr Lidington I might well say the same, or worse.

John Day

Arnold Close, Stoke Mandeville


Copy of a letter sent to Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett

All Councillors of every political persuasion and none, have I am sure been inundated with complaints from their residents rightly concerned at the poor state of the grass cutting for yet another year. I know I certainly have in Bedgrove.

This year I think we could unhappily conclude is the worst year so far in Aylesbury.

But in reality it is following a pattern ever since County decided to pull out of the sub contracting of the grass cutting contract in the Aylesbury Vale District Council to the District councils contractor.

I can recall at the time that there had not been one single complaint to this contractor in the year up to this changeover in the grass cutting arrangements in the Aylesbury Vale District area. Contrast this with the grass cutting since.

I would therefore like to make a proposal to allow you to sort out this issue that is making our grass verges and green spaces so unsightly and at the approach to junctions very dangerous for road users.

Why not ask the AVDC contractor to step in to help County sort out the growing backlog in the grass cutting?

Mark Winn

Conservative District 
Councillor for Bedgrove


We recently had bollards erected on a piece of green in Rowland Way, Aylesbury, to stop people parking on the grass.

In my opinion it was a complete waste of time and money.

If I had a heavy item to load or unload I would drive on the grass to get as near to the house as possible to do the business then drive off the grass as soon as the job was done.

This hardly can be called parking if so many roads have bollards all the way along them.
I feel it was a complete mistake by the council.

R Baldwin

Rowland Way, Aylesbury


There is a Public Inquiry taking place at the moment involving appeals against the AVDC for plans for three local developments.

I attended the Council meeting when the Hampden Fields Action group first opposed plans for its development a few months ago and again this week when witnesses were called to make statements at the Inquiry.

I was disappointed on both occasions to hear one speaker (different men on both occasions) comparing Hampden Fields with Fleet Marston and suggesting that, whilst they do not want the development in their area, the Fleet Marston site would be more viable.

I have opposed plans for development at Fleet Marston, both as an individual and as a member of a group called “Save The Vale” set up by residents of Fleet Marston and Waddesdon.

Whilst we could be accused of being NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard), at no point have we suggested that it should be in anyone else’s back yard - in fact we have opposed large-scale urban sprawl which is intrusive in ANY area of the Vale.

To compare the number of letters sent from residents near Hampden Fields with those in Fleet Marston is unreasonable given the vast difference in the sites.

Therefore, I would urge the Hampden Fields Action Group to consider opposition to ALL large scale development in Aylesbury Vale - not just their own - as we, a much smaller group through the very nature of where we live, have done.

Please appreciate that, although we have far fewer residents in the proposed development area, the fact that our population is sparse does not make our green belt area any more attractive as a new housing development.

Alan Robson

Address supplied


For more than a century, information on animal experiments has been kept secret.

However this could be about to change, as the Government is reviewing the animal experiment ‘secrecy clause’ and has asked for your opinion.

This ‘secrecy clause’ is Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act.

It enables animal experiments to happen in secret, and makes revealing any information about them a criminal offence – even with the researcher’s consent.

Section 24 stifles public debate about animal experiments, and suppresses scientific and ethical scrutiny.

The National Anti-Vivisection Society is leading the call to repeal the secrecy clause and prevent needless animal suffering.

There is strong support for a repeal from scientists, politicians, celebrities – such as Joanna Lumley, Twiggy and Eddie Izzard – and the public.

Over 4 million animals are currently experimented on each year in the UK, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Please help us ensure that no experiment is duplicated and modern non-animal methods are always considered before experiments on animals take place, supporting better science.

Please take part in the Government’s public consultation on animal experiment secrecy before 13th June.

Visit navs.org.uk for details – it will take just 10 minutes of your time but would mean the world to the animals.

Jan Creamer

Chief executive National Anti-Vivisection Society, Millbank Tower, London