‘You just have to be a survivor’: Mum speaks out after seeing ex-boyfriend jailed for rape

Matt Jones, who was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison for rape and perverting the course of justice
Matt Jones, who was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison for rape and perverting the course of justice

A mum who saw her rapist ex-partner jailed for five-and-a-half years is urging other victims of sexual abuse to speak out.

The woman was subjected to a horrific rape by Matt Jones, 30, in February 2013.

He was her partner of six years and the father of her children.

Throughout their relationship the mother says that Jones subjected her to physical and emotional abuse, making her feel that she could not leave the home they shared in Penn Road.

But following the rape, she bravely took her children and went to live away from her home town of Aylesbury in a women’s refuge, plucking up the courage to tell the police what had happened, sparking an investigation and Jones’ arrest.

She said: “Matt Jones should be named and shamed.

“He was the father of my children and even when we split up he lived round the corner so he always found a way to get me to take him back because my confidence was so low.

“At that time I wasn’t going to stop him from seeing his children, he never hurt them, but they were affected by what he was doing to me.

“After the worst and final attack (the rape) I couldn’t be in his arms after that, he was very angry but he wanted to carry on as normal. Only my mum knew that I was leaving.”

Jones, of Coxhill Way, was found guilty of one of two counts of rape, and one charge of perverting the course of justice.

And though the court process was difficult, his victim says seeking justice was the right thing to do.

She said: “It was tough and I had to be brave to go to the police, but it could not go on.

“People need to know that things like this are not right, even if you are in a relationship.”

She added: “At the beginning I didn’t feel that I would be believed, but as time went on I saw that the police were on my side, I have been very lucky and have had a lot of support.I hope this will inspire other people to speak out.”

The woman has now made a new life for her family away from Aylesbury, and is happy with a new supportive partner.

She said: “My children and I are so happy now that we are away from his violence and emotional control.

“I have a new partner now and we are a happy family.

“You just have to be a survivor.”