Wish I Had A Sylvia Plath comes to Oxford

FOLLOWING the Fringe First Award, a Stage Awards nomination and a sweep of praise at Edinburgh last year, Edward Anthony's moving and darkly funny new play, Wish I Had A Sylvia Plath, comes to the Burton Taylor Studio in Oxford as part of Oxfringe 2008.

Wish I Had A Sylvia Plath played to critical acclaim in Oxford in October as part of The 75th Year Sylvia Plath Symposium.

Plath herself was a well known poet and novelist, who committed suicide in 1963, shortly after separating from her husband, the poet Ted Hughes, unleashing ongoing debate in the literary world as to the part Hughes might, or might not, have played in prompting her death.

Wish I Had A Sylvia Plath is one of those great fringe experiences - a funny, moving, highly original piece of theatre that is innovative in its presentation, well directed and fabulously performed.

Loosely based on Plath's last moments, it features Elizabeth Gray as a published poet driven to despair by an unhappy childhood, unappreciative parents, the genius of her husband, Ned Pews(!), and his philandering.

Finely balanced between comedy and tragedy, the play sheds new light on one of the most controversial literary icons of the 20th century.

Wish I Had A Sylvia Plath runs from Tuesday to Friday April 1 to 4 at 7.30pm with a matinee on Thursday, and tickets are available from the Oxford Playhouse Box Office on 01865 305305.