Waterside will alter seats for big customers

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A TOWN centre theatre has reassured guests after a woman avoided the venue for fear she could not fit into a seat.

The Aylesbury mother, who has asked to remain anonymous, has had to refuse her 17-year-old special needs son a trip to the Waterside Theatre for fear that the seats were too small, given her health.

The 39 year old of Walton Court suffers from lymphedema, a gland condition meaning her legs and hips retain fluid, making her too large for a normal seat.

“My friends have all been and told me I probably wouldn’t fit in any of the seats,” she said.

“Because of the arms I just wouldn’t fit into the chairs, because they don’t lift up at all.

“This means each time I see something I would like to go and watch at the theatre I don’t even bother looking into getting tickets and have had to put off taking my son when he’s asked me.

“Not all disabled people use wheelchairs.”

But the Waterside Theatre has responded saying it is happy to accommodate anyone with such a condition.

John Coughlan, creative learning manager at the venue, said: “Seating in the auditorium is designed to be removable in order for us to meet the needs of our customers with access requirements.

“In line with our policies, if a customer makes us aware on booking a ticket that they are unable to use the seating provided due to a medical condition or access requirement, we would endeavour to provide alternative, suitable seating at no additional cost, to ensure they are able to enjoy the performance comfortably.”