Waddesdon Manor’s giant candlesticks approved

An artist's impression of how the sculptures will look
An artist's impression of how the sculptures will look

Plans to alter the iconic approach to Waddesdon Manor with two giant sculptures made out of wine bottles have been approved by the district council.

The seven metre (23ft) high, three metre (10ft) wide candlesticks will be made from recycled green wine bottles – which architects Peter Inskip and Peter Jenkins say are perfect for the house, famous for its hospitality.

They will replace two 17th centry urns which will be moved into storage and repaired.

The candlesticks have been given a temporary permission lasting five years, after which consent will have to be sought again.

This was after a request by English Heritage which said the urns’ place at the manor should not be permanently lost.

It remarked of the sculptures that they were ‘much more visible than the two urns, though they would not impinge to any great extent on the designed view of the house’.

Artist Joana Vasconcelos will create the artworks, which will be installed on the north front of the historic house and will become part of the iconic main view of the building.

In their statement to the council the architects said: “Her work is in a number of public and private collections. She aims to re-present and subvert everyday objects, often manipulating notions of scale and form.

“She is particularly in the role of women in contemporary society, and objects associated with them, and also in the relationship between public and private space.

“In their re-use of objects as ubiquitous as wine bottles, these giant objects merge the legacies of the ready-made, nouveau realisme and post-modernism.

“At Waddesdon, a house famous for hospitality from its creation to the present day, the candlesticks are a reminder of the pleasures of the table, and the value of domesticity as well as linking the collections inside the house with the outside world.”

Joana Vasconcelos lives and works in Lisbon.

She has exhibited internationally, most recently in a major solo exhibition at the Chateau de Versailles and in 2014 at the Manchester City Art Gallery.