Unique toy car vandalised by drunken Little Tikes

John Bitmead with the car and his brother Geoff
John Bitmead with the car and his brother Geoff

A roadworthy ‘Little Tikes’ toy car which gets incredulous looks wherever it goes sadly caught the attention of drunken louts.

The car’s creator, John Bitmead, 48, had parked the cosy coupe on the driveway of his home in Quainton, however while it was sat there, a giant drinks holder was taken from inside the vehicle. The accessory was then returned smashed to pieces the next day, causing £350 worth of damage.

Mr Bitmead said: “Because of the way the car is designed, the drinks bottle was in full view and easy to get at.

“The youths who stole it were apparently drunk and they took photos of themselves messing about with it, so those are probably up on Facebook.Hopefully they will realise how foolish they have been and it will teach them a lesson.”

Mr Bitmead and his business partners at Attitude Autos built the car in 16 weeks at their base in Oxfordshire.

He said: “I have often taken the car out for a drive around Aylesbury Vale at weekends and the response is brilliant.

“We get loads of people tooting and waving and saying how fantastic it is.

“Often the adults are more interested in the vehicle than the children!”

The car can reach speeds of up to 70mph.