Three-year-old boy injured after football explodes

Nikki Thomas, with her sons Tod (left), Ronnie and Codey
Nikki Thomas, with her sons Tod (left), Ronnie and Codey

A terrified boy was left with friction burns and bruises on his legs after a new football exploded on his lap while he was in his mother’s car.

Now his furious mum, Nikki Thomas, 28, is demanding answers from Aylesbury’s Sports Direct store, where she and partner Tom Winn had just bought Codey, aged three, and Tod, four, the footballs.

She said: “They were selling the balls at two for £6 so we bought them and my partner took them to the counter and a member of staff put air into them.

“When we had paid we got into the car and as we were driving into the Aldi car park to pull up we heard a huge bang. We stopped the car and I got out and when I opened the back door I saw that the football had literally split into two while it was on Codey’s lap.

“He was in tears and he had bruises and burns on his leg. It’s so lucky that it wasn’t his face.

“I then took the football off Tod because it looked as though it was splitting at the seams as well.”

After driving back to the store, Nikki, from Berryfields, was given an apology and her money back.

She said: “We then got into the car to drive home and after my partner decided to put some music on we heard crackling from the speaker.

“We had a look and because Codey’s leg was next to the speaker at the time the ball exploded it had burst the speaker as well.”

Nikki then returned to the store and the incident was referred to their health and safety team.

She said: “I have heard nothing from them for two weeks and other than saying sorry they don’t seem to have done anything.

“Codey usually sits next to our newborn son, Ronnie (who is 15 weeks old) so we are lucky that wasn’t the case this time.

“I also dread to think what could have happened if the ball had exploded in Ronnie or Codey’s face.”

A Sports Direct spokeswoman said: “Sports Direct is aware of this incident and is investigating.”