The Aylesburian: New town centre recycling bins are a waste of time

The Aylesburian
The Aylesburian

As reported in the national press recently, the NHS and some local councils are spending taxpayers’ money on leaflets warning about the hot weather and how to keep safe in the sun.

We are lucky that our local councils spend our money on a feast of summer entertainment (Roald Dahl Festival, Aylesbury-On-Sea, Hobble on the Cobbles, Parklife etc), rather than wasting it on Health and Safety campaigns, advocating the use of sun cream and keeping hydrated in the heat.

However, not all of our money is being spent wisely.

I cannot see the point of the huge ugly recycling bins that have appeared around the town centre.

I know the council wants to be seen to be green, but we have tried educating at least two generations how to recycle, and we can’t seem to get the message over.

AVDC’s own figures show that contamination of residential blue top bins has cut recycling rates from 56% to 50%, so if we don’t do it at home, we are certainly not going to do it when we are eating on the hoof in the town centre.

Perhaps the new bins, like the Health & Safety leaflets issued elsewhere, are paying lip service to the parties supporting the Green lobby.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I am an avid recycler.