School assembly inspires seven-year-old to help children with cancer

Vicki Williams with Poppy bD5CLcbnpYn_Dn4tn6VI

Vicki Williams with Poppy bD5CLcbnpYn_Dn4tn6VI

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A kind-hearted schoolgirl has her long locks chopped off to help children facing cancer.

Poppy Anne Williams, aged 7, inspired her mum Vicki so much that she also had 20 inches of hair cut.

Poppy Anne Williams before the hair cut

Poppy Anne Williams before the hair cut

Vicki said: “Poppy Anne sat in an assembly at school recently and learned about the charity, The Little Princess trust. It’s a charity for child cancer patients providing them with real hair wigs, helping them deal with the loss of their hair during chemotherapy.

“It really stuck a chord with her and she repeatedly asked if she could donate her hair to help these children.

“It was such a selfless kind act. I kept saying no for selfish reasons - I love her hair - but it is important to her so she has donated 7 inches of hair.

“She noted that I had very long hair and asked if I could donate some too, as in her words ‘you have plenty to spare’ so in support of my amazing Poppy I did.”

Hairdresser Lisa Duran, of Dare hairdressers in Aylesbury, offered her services free to do the big cut.

A JustGiving page has been set up and Poppy Anne has raised £445 so far but donations are still welcome. Search for Poppy Anne Williams