Rothschild Foundation unveils plans for housing development

Golden Mede artist's impression
Golden Mede artist's impression

Plans for a major housing development in Waddesdon have been unveiled to the public.

Seventy-five properties have been proposed by The Rothschild Foundation for two sites at Golden Mede and Warmstone Lane.

They include two bedroom flats to five bed detached houses, with the majority being two or three bedroom houses, and 30%of the properties will be allocated to social housing.

About 230 people attended the public consultation to view display boards and speak to Rothschild representatives.

Waddesdon estate manager Edward Parsons said: “About 82% of the people who came live in the village.

“It is quite dificult to say whether people were for or against.

“A small element were against any housing.

“The biggest group, about 80%, articulated their concerns carefully and well.”

Mr Parsons said the three major concerns related to new properties overlooking neighbouring houses; traffic safety at junctions; and services,particularly the foul waste main drain in Baker Street that blocks on a regular basis.

All comments at the public consultation were noted and will be addressed before the next public consultation at the end of September, prior to a planning application being made.

Mr Parsons said the foundation wished to support the local community but he doesn’t know how the law stands with regard to prioritising local people when selling properties freehold.

It has not yet been decided who will manage the social housing aspect, but it is possible the foundation may apply to become a not for profit provider, or an existing local social housing provider may do the job.

Mr Parsons said if the proposal proceeds to planning the foundation would welcome an opportunity to sit down with Aylesbury Vale District Council to discuss the imapct on health service provision, drains and schools.