Richard’s book is a help for others

Richard Maguire
Richard Maguire

A man who lives with autism is in line for a book award after penning a work to help others with the same condition.

Richard Maguire, 48, who lives in Queen Street, Aylesbury, was not diagnosed with autism at school, and suffered years of bullying and confusion as a result.

Early on, like other sufferers at the time, he and his parents were told that he would never amount to anything.

But as an adult he has gone on to shape the autism provision at Aylesbury Vale District Council, get married, get a degree in theology, have a son, set up his own support service to help other sufferers make a success of their lives and write the book entitled I Dream In Autism, which has been shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize.

He said: “When my PR lady told me about the award I was absolutely delighted.

“When I was at school the only idea about anyone with autism was that you were disabled, but now we know that it affects people on all levels of intelligence.”

He added: “I have written about my own experiences because there are no confidentiality issues, I’ve written about things that I think people need to know, it’s not just memoirs.

“There are also the tools to help people understand what is going on as our brains work on a different operating system.”

Richard now runs Autism Life Training, which helps parents and autistic people understand what it means to thrive with the condition.

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