Postie delivers book on football glory years

Postman Malcolm Stark with his new book Glam Soccer
Postman Malcolm Stark with his new book Glam Soccer

A postman has written a book about his number one passion – football.

Glam Soccer by Malcolm Stark tells the story of what the author considers the most exciting period in English football – 1967 to 1976.

Malcolm, who lives in Aylesbury, has been a postman across the Vale for 25 years.

He first came up with the idea to write the book in 2010, and after making hundreds of pages of written notes, he began to write the first chapter in February the following year.

Malcolm, 50, said: “I was inspired to write the book after watching the film The Damned United.

“My original plan was just to focus on a select group of teams, but in the end I wrote over 700 pages about 30 clubs.

“I spent a long time gathering old programmes and reading biographies to gather as much information as I could about the era.”

The book recalls the days before big money and television rights changed the face of the sport.

Malcolm said: “Nowadays I think there is far too much live football on the television.

“I think we have too much of a good thing to be honest.

“I can remember back to the 1970s when matches were not regularly shown on TV.

“The FA Cup final was a big event back then and the all-day build-up was part of it.

“I don’t watch much live football now, but I do always tune in to Match of the Day on a Saturday night.”

Malcolm admits he is no author, but said he tried to write the book from a supporter’s perspective.

He said: “I hope that by writing from a fan’s point of view the book will resonate with people.

“I have aimed to focus on clubs’ identities and talk about some of the legendary names of the past.

“The way it is written, it will hopefully not be obvious as to which team I support.”

Malcolm’s book is now available to download from Amazon and Kindle, and he said he had also sold some books while doing his rounds.

He said: “My regular round covers Upton, Dinton and Haddenham and some of my customers have already brought a copy of the book.

“The best part of being a postman for me is being outside.

“As I have a rural round I do have a van which does make life a bit easier.

“It can still be hard work on a wet and windy day.

“Working on Saturday does also mean I can’t follow the football the same way.

“I certainly haven’t been to see my club Newcastle United for at least ten years.”