No inquiry into actions of Friends of Speaker Bercow

No investigation will be carried out over an allegation that John Bercow abused his position as the Speaker of the House of Commons.

John Russell, who stood for UKIP in a by-election, said a letter from the Friends of Speaker Bercow broke commons' rules and wrote to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner saying he believed the letter was sent using Speaker's Office resources.

John Lyon, the commissioner, wrote to Mr Russell saying: "In this case, before I could consider this matter further, I would need evidence that a political campaign was, as alleged, being run from or in conjunction with the Office of the Speaker.

"Your letter and its attachments do not appear to provide such evidence."

Mr Bercow said: "I am delighted that the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has rejected the complaint from Mr Russell.

"As I have consistently pointed out, there was no basis whatsoever for the complaint which struck me as a political stunt.

"I have raised funds for my own election campaign independently of all political parties and I have taken great care to do so with complete propriety."

Mr Bercow's constituency office in the House of Commons drew up a list of people who had supported him in the past.

He wrote to Mr Lyon saying: "There is no question whatever of the office of the Speaker of the House of Commons being used to compile such a list which would have been quite improper."

Mr Russell said he will not be commenting on the story at this time.

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