FARMING MATTERS: Self sufficient farmers wives

I wrote recently about farm safety and the importance of farmers staying in touch with their wives via mobile phone due to the isolation of their work. But that isolation doesn’t just apply to farmers themselves. All farming families are isolated to a degree, some more than others depending on the location of their farm. Children fortunately find company and socialisation at school and in organisations like the Young Farmers federation. Farmers’ wives of old traditionally stayed at home working on the farm or in the house, but that stereotype disappeared a long time ago. Many farm wives now follow their own careers off the farm, bringing them into contact with other people on a daily basis. But what about contact with their husband? Unless farmers’ wives DO work on the farm alongside their husbands, regular contact can be pretty sporadic. I’ve been checking out some blogs online from farm wives around the world and the one thing we all seem to have in common is spending evenings and weekends without our husbands who are outdoors 24/7; attending social occasions and family events without our husbands; and often feeling like a one parent family. So it appears that at least two of the qualities required for life as a farmer’s wife is a large dose of self sufficiency and an interest in hobbies and activities that don’t require a partner!

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A dairy farmer milking his herd. Photo Louise Adams

FARMING MATTERS: Milk prices are not fair to farmers

Market indicators show dairy farmers are being short changed to the tune of £200 million pounds, says the National Farmers Union (NFU).

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A mobile phone can be a great asset for farmers who work in isolation

FARMING MATTERS: Staying safe on the farm

Staying safe at work is something we all have to consider,but for farmers there are more hazards in the workplace than for most of us.

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Meeting of farmers and NFU with MP:  from left host farmer Nigel Stacey, Nigel Richards, Mark Lancaster MP and Tom Deeley

FARMING MATTERS: Future of farming discussed in talks

Farmers have updated their MP on the issues of current importance to the agricultural community.

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COLUMN: This is YOUR local newspaper, so let’s all work hard together to make a difference

COLUMN: This is YOUR local newspaper, so let’s all work hard together to make a difference

I got into news journalism because I really believe in telling the truth.

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COLUMN: Special relationship, but many differences between the UK and US

COLUMN: Special relationship, but many differences between the UK and US

I’ve just returned from a trip to Chicago, to do a bit of music writing and enjoy the hospitality of our cousins across the pond.

Farmer Evan Kempster who is helping to raise money for breast cancer by wrapping his bales in pink wrapper

FARMING MATTERS: Farming in the pink

Big pink bales are beginning to get noticed around the country as farmers support breast cancer charities by wrapping their silage and haylage in pink rather than the more traditional black plastic.

Backing British farming

FARMING MATTERS: Back British Farming Day was held this week

Wednesday (September 14) was Back British Farming Day and the industry took root in the capital to reach out to MPs to sign the NFU’s Back British Farming pledge.


COMMENT: Our communities have changed, and it’s a little bit sad

I grew up in a tiny village in the north of England - on the outskirts of Bradford to be more precise.

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Bucks County Show 2016. The Royal Signals White Helmets Display Team. Picture by Jake McNulty

FARMING MATTERS: Sun shone on Bucks County Show

And so another Bucks County Show is over, and what a fabulous day it was for everyone who attended. The weather was scorching and suncream was being liberally reapplied throughout the day.

Angry: Martin Tett at the committee PNL-150210-165149001

COLUMN: We don’t have all the money to do what we want to do

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of attending Aylesbury’s Live in the Park and the Bucks County Show in Weedon. They were both great places for me to meet members of the public and talk about local issues. 
What I had to explain was that there just isn’t the money to do all the things that people would like. Demand is going up, costs are rising and funding from Government has been heavily cut as it tries to balance the national budget. 
To many people I spoke to it was obvious that we need to look again at the way local government is organised in Bucks. Having a County Council and a District Council covering the same area and each charging its own Council Tax and employing their own staff seems crazy.

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Generic pic of somebody in dispair or worried - pic posed by model ENGWEL00820110823110159

COLUMN: The perils and pros of being a consumate worrier

I worry about things all the time. It’s in my nature, and I know I’m not alone.

COMMENT: It’s silly season - and isn’t a bit of enthusiasm wonderful!

COMMENT: It’s silly season - and isn’t a bit of enthusiasm wonderful!

Summer in the world of journalism is often referred to as ‘the silly season’ and my own life outlook right now is no exception.

COLUMN: My name’s Hayley O’Keeffe and I’m an astronaut - honest!

COLUMN: My name’s Hayley O’Keeffe and I’m an astronaut - honest!

Obviously I don’t work for NASA as the headline suggests, my qualifications and experience in that field literally amount to astro-nought.

Reporter Heather Jan Brunt indulging in a chocolate fondue at a previous Bucks County Show.

FARMING MATTERS: Our columnist is looking forward to enjoying lots of food at Bucks County Show

I will be off to Weedon Park on Thursday (September 1)for my annual visit to Bucks County Show and I can’t wait because this year there is to be a pie competition and I have to say I am particularly partial to pastry.

National Farmers Union president Meurig Raymond speaking to our columnist Heather Jan Brunt last year

FARMING MATTERS: Guaranteed support for farmers following Brexit

The guarantee by the Treasury that farming will continue to be financially supported by the British government up to 2020 in the wake of Brexit has given much needed clarity to farmers, and this is welcomed by the National Farmers Union (NFU).The news should mean that farmers can count on receiving financial aid for, amongst other things, agri-environmental schemes already in place, to take them through to their conclusion.

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The late 6th Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor

FARMING MATTERS: The death of the Duke of Westminster

The landed and titled aristocracy of our country is very much a feature of our nation’s history, and like many people I have very mixed feelings about it.

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A pie competition for commercially made pies will prove to be a great attraction at this year's Bucks County Show

FARMING MATTERS: Our columnist will be in pie heaven at this year’s Bucks County Show

I must confess to loving a delicious pie. I’m pretty hopeless at making pastry - the first pie I made as a married woman looked more like a jigsaw puzzle - but consuming them causes me no problems at all.

Countryfile Live will take place at Blenheim Palace during August 2016

Countryfile Live is now on at Blenheim Palace

Countryfile is one of the most popular programmes on television and the very first Countryfile Live opened at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire on Thursday.

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