COLUMN: THAT UKIP blue badge parking fine story - and why we will always hold politicians to account

A very curious story came to the attention of the Bucks Herald this week which set social media ablaze - yes, it’s that UKIP Chris Adams blue badge parking fine one.

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Fly tipping.  Picture: Sarah Standing

FARMING MATTERS: Cleaning up the countryside

The NFU says the government’s new Litter Strategy for England is a missed opportunity to tackle the scourge of fly-tipping as an environmental crime.

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Column: It’s election time again - but will it really change anything?

Well it’s election time here in Bucks and yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May only went and called a general election too!

A detail from the new footpath sign created by the NFU and the Kennel Club to encourage responsible dog ownership

FARMING MATTERS: Advice for dog owners

At this time of year when young livestock are in the fields it is even more important to keep dogs on a lead when out walking across farmland.

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Column: Why 5p newspaper price rise will help us fight for the truth locally

Column: Why 5p newspaper price rise will help us fight for the truth locally

Local newspapers are the first to point the finger when councils and other public bodies charge you more.
So it’s only right and proper that we do the same to ourselves.
This week the price of your Bucks Herald print edition has increased from 95p to £1.

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Business eye: How much does music affect your business?

How much does music feature in your business thinking? I can tell you; not enough.

Leader of the House of Commons David Lidington addresses parliament after the attacks

Column: Keep calm and carry on - the darkness will not overcome us

The terrorist attack in Westminster last month was shocking in its brutality. Bereaved families and those who were injured will have to live with the physical and mental scars. Those people will have to continue living with the grief and pain long after the cameras have been switched off and the headlines have switched to some other story.

Elizabeth Prior in The Treaterie at Waddesdon Manor with her Oliphant and Pomeroy ice cream. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt 2017.

FARMING MATTERS: High class ice creams available in new Treaterie at historic National Trust property

There’s an additional reason to enjoy a summer day out at the National Trust’s Waddesdon Manor this year, and that’s the opening of the new Treaterie serving delicious ice cream, waffles and crepes.

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COLUMN: Easter is upon us - and there is lots to do to keep active

COLUMN: Easter is upon us - and there is lots to do to keep active

Easter is upon us and some of us are probably still wondering what to do with the children now that they have broken up from school. 
Not only is boredom and staying inside with little activity a concern, but inevitably the Easter bunny is going to bring them 
copious amounts of chocolate and sweets that rivals even Christmas!

Six of David Bowie's albums are in the Top 40 best sellers of the year so far. YPN-170118-125122067

COLUMN: This week I saw what the Aylesbury David Bowie statue will look like - and you’ll love it!

I know I know - not everyone reading this today will be so happy to read this headline - perhaps you’ll even make a mental vow with yourself to purposefully hate the idea even more from now on.

NFU Back British Farming banner

FARMING MATTERS: Promoting British food

Farmers across the country are being encouraged to display large banners promoting home grown produce.

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Opinion: Life is precious - so let’s all try and be a little kinder

I defintely think that’s my message of the week, because it’s been a funny one hasn’t it.

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Accidents involving machines are the most common cause of fatal injury in agriculture

FARMING MATTERS: Farm safety urged by NFU after month of fatalities

Farming is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs and the NFU is urging members to take greater care after 10 fatalities, including a child, were recorded on farms in February alone.

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Column: Spring has sprung, and there’s real hope in the air here in Aylesbury!

Anyone who reads my column on even a semi-regular basis (God bless you) will know that I hate the winter months. The dark and the rain and the potential for ice and snow - it’s never been my season and I’m sure that many readers will agree - it sucks.

A massive articulated lorry arrived for an overnight stay on the farm. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt

FARMING MATTERS: Overnight stop for articulated lorry

My husband and I were out late recently to welcome the livestock haulier, who had arrived to spend the night in his massive three tier articulated truck in preparation for a 6am start. Michael Brett expertly manoeuvred the 45 foot trailer plus tractor unit into our yard and showed me the inside of the impressive cab. It’s fitted out with a night heater, two bunks, a fridge freezer, television and all mod cons.

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Investigation opened after a fatal collision

OPINION: Penalty for A413 crash misconduct police officers was hardly a penalty at all

For the past three years I have been covering a story which could affect anyone.

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The first phase of HS2 has been granted Royal Assent

FARMING MATTERS: Work on high speed rail line to start

As the first phase of HS2 has received Royal Assent, the National Farmers Union is urging fair treatment for the farming community.

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Ewe and lambs. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt

FARMING MATTERS: Getting ready for lambing

Spring is in the air (or at least, it was when I was writing this). The garden is a carpet of snowdrops, the daffodils are shooting through the grass, and speaking of the grass, that too is definitely growing and soon we shall be back into lawn mower season.

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HS2 stock image PNL-161002-115346001

COLUMN: HS2, it’s going to happen, and that’s bad news for many of our readers

I’m sure that many of our readers will be feeling pretty glum this week, following news that the HS2 rail project has been given the royal assent.

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FARMING MATTERS: Educating youngsters

Visiting farms is a popular pastime for families, which is why there is such an abundance of farm attractions and open farms these days.

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