Now Scotland Yard join hunt for Aylesbury terror suspect – read Samantha Lewthwaite’s supposed blog here

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A team from Scotland Yard is thought to be in Nairobi on the hunt for an Aylesbury mother of three.

The wife of 7/7 suicide bomber and Islamic extremist Jermaine Lindsay has allegedly been named as the prime suspect for a deadly terror attack in Kenya in which three people died.

Samantha Lewthwaite, 28, from Aylesbury, is now reportedly being hunted by the CIA, Kenyan police and Scotland Yard after she is said to have been sighted near the scene on June 24 when a grenade was thrown into the Jericho 
Beer Garden in the tourist hub of Mombasa which was packed with football fans watching England play Italy. A young boy was among the three dead.

She is also thought to have written an online blog named ‘Fear and Tears: Confessions of A Female Mujahid’ describing her experiences of becoming a Muslim, her beliefs and what she has witnessed in Kenya.

If genuine, it would be the first time she has reached out to the outside world since she went on the run.

Lewthwaite has been on the run since escaping a police raid in January and is believed to have fled north to Somalia, where she is said to have connections with al-Shabaab, the country’s al-Qaeda affiliate.

She is also wanted for possessing explosives and conspiring to make bombs.

Lewthwaite converted to Islam in her teens and denounced her bomber husband Lindsay, also from Aylesbury, after he killed 26 people in a suicide attack on London’s Piccadilly Line in 2005.


“No matter what has happened to me I thank Allah for making me become a Muslim.

My decision to revert back to Islam is the most precious gift that my maker has bestowed upon me. From a previous life of sin and worshiping of worldly things I have lived for many years now as Muslim content with serving Allah with the knowledge that I have a place in Jannah.

Like many revertees I have been tested and challenged but each time Allah has guided me towards the right path and ensured my faith in my religion remains constant. During the month of April and May I faced a great challenges. Some friends have told me I have over-reacted because I’m a woman and weak. Some wise brothers have supported me by saying that is normal for anyone to react the way I have. Yes, I’m a woman and I might be weaker than my brothers in Islam but fear is not only common to sisters neither are tears of sorrow too.

In April as I began to read the news on websites and read many kuffar blogs fear griped me that the Mujahideen were being defeated in Somalia and Yemen. Here in Kenya the kuffar media kept making noises that Mujahideen were fleeing following a defeat by AMISOM.

In Mtaani I could see the faces of bros too. Some of the ‘smart bros’ were looking defeated too. All around me was bad news. And this was after the murder of Abu Nuseyba (May Allah accept him as Martyr) and the disappearance of bros Mohamed Kassim. Yes, I am woman but I am woman who believes in Jihad and supremacy of Islam.

With all this pressure I broke down in tears. These were not tears of joy but tears of fear. If the Mujahideen are defeated in Somalia and Yemen what hope do we that are left in Kenya have in our struggle to raise the flag?

Then came May and my bros Osodo disappeared. Two days before he had disappeared I had greeted him in Mtaani and in his usual behavior he was too busy to talk to me but promised to call me about the Quran competition he was organizing. That was the last time I heard or saw my bros Osodo. I have known bros Osodo since we were young children and to think that the kuffar have harmed or even worse killed him made me fear and cry.

This time is was personal. Fear can make you do many things. Immediately I decided to leave Kenya to Tanzania to stay with my extended family. But then I thought maybe I should go to Uganda to stay with my sister. In short, I was behaving like a mad woman because the kuffar made me fear.

But as many Mujahideen know, serving Allah is not for today but forever. If we serve Allah well and honesty without questions he will guide us on the right path. As soon as realized this, I was in tears. Tears because the kuffar almost made me run away in fear from my obligation as a female mujahid. Jihad is an obligation that we must accept. Today I am over my fear and my tear are dry. Insha’Allah I will cry soon but these will be tears of joy when the mujahideen claim victory and raise the flag here in Kenya.”