New path encourages children to cycle

A CYCLING group in Wendover has expressed joy over a new cycle path that has been extended in the village to encourage children to bike to the three schools in Wharf Road.

The route that previously ended at Lionel Avenue has now been extended to Victory Road and the new path has been made possible thanks to successful work from the three Safer Routes to School working groups.

The newly formed 'Get Wendover Cycling' group are pleased over the new route's recent unveiling as they believe that schoolchildren along with the general public need to use more transport that does not involve cars.

One of the cycle group members, Chris Peeler said that an active collaboration of working groups associated with the 'Safer Routes to School' programme has enabled the cycle path to happen and both children and villagers will stand to benefit from the work.

The cycle route which cost around 80,000 to install was funded jointly by Bucks County Council and a Government charity called Sustrans which promotes cycling as well as other forms of transport as an alternative to the car.

Working groups involving the John Colet, John Hampden and Wendover C of E Junior Schools have long been campaigning for a cycle route that extends beyond Lionel Avenue because they say that parents are reluctant to take their children to school due to safety concerns.

Mr Peeler said that the once defunct cycle group in Wendover has been revived thanks to the intervention from an enthusiastic new chair of 'Get Wendover Cycling' - Laura Ferguson.

Three members of the newly formed group were also members of the previous cycling group who had working with local authorities to get people in Wendover cycling.

Mr Peeler said: "These groups have been working hard for four or five years for the children to come out and cycle more. Since about 2002, there have been these groups working with the schools to promote alternatives to the car and we've achieved a great deal and because we were working hard, this has been recognised by the authorities and they have given the money for the cycle routes."

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