Mum launches campaign for 20mph limits and speed humps outside schools

Parents and children of Turnfurlong Junior School want improvements to traffic outside the school
Parents and children of Turnfurlong Junior School want improvements to traffic outside the school

A mum has launched a petition calling for Bucks County Council to make roads outside schools safer by introducing 20mph zones and speed humps.

Lindsay Evans, whose nine-year-old son Callum attends Turnfurlong Junior School, said she decided to launch the petition after seeing and experiencing a number of near misses in Turnfurlong Lane outside the infant and junior schools.

So far 145 people have signed the petition since its launch on July 11.

Lindsay said: “I have seen cars driving on grass verges and trying to squeeze through gaps and there were three occasions last term when I was hit by other cars.

“That prompted me to start this petition.

“I have had a lot of support from fellow parents and Turnfurlong Junior is behind me as well.

“I am very pleased at the number of signatures I have had so far.

“I didn’t even expect to get 100 signatures so to be pushing towards 150 is great.”

The petition calls on the council to ‘improve the road safety on school roads in Aylesbury, to protect children and pedestrians during school hours, by introducing 20mph speed limits on specific roads and/or speed humps where appropriate.’

Bedgrove councillor Mark Winn said he was fully behind the petition.

He said: “For me, putting 20mph speed limits outside schools is a no-brainer.

“It is great that Lindsay has started this petition.

“It shows what good community spirit we have that someone like Lindsay takes it upon herself to start this.

“I look forward to accompanying Lindsay along with Brian Roberts (fellow councillor) as she presents it to the Local Area Forum in September.”

A county council spokesperson said: “The county council always welcomes petitions particularly as they allow residents to show their support for issues of local concern.

“After this petition ends, the results will be analysed and a decision made about what to do next.

“For any changes of this type to be made outside schools, individual assessments would need to be made at the specific sites.”

The closing date for the petition is August 11.

The petition can be viewed here -