Why The Bucks Herald matters

Our newspaper and website connect with tens of thousands of people every week

Our newspaper and website connect with tens of thousands of people every week

Read all about it! It is Local Newspaper Week, and a time to celebrate just what Britain’s diverse local press contributes to towns and cities up and down the country.

And your Bucks Herald is part of that too.

Be it letting you know what’s happening in the inner workings of the council you pay for, demanding answers from the powers that be when something goes wrong or 
supporting your charity event - we are here to keep you informed.

And no family know the power of the press better than the Novakovics.

When seven-year-old Alex Novakovic was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2013 his parents approached this newspaper with a desperate appeal.

They had just two weeks to raise over £200,000 to fund lifesaving treatment for their young son in America.

We got to work running stories on the family’s plight - and generous Aylesbury readers stepped in to help raise all the money.

Alex is now back at school, enjoying life and playing with his friends.

And his mother Jasmine spoke out to support Local Newspaper Week, and The Bucks Herald.

She said: “The Bucks Herald publicised Alex’s plight right across the county which led to so many people getting in touch and offering help.

“It also led to other media organiastions getting in touch too.

“I was just in town the other day and two elderly ladies came up to me to ask about Alex, because they had been following his story in The Bucks Herald.

“He is back at school now and was originally supposed to be only part time but he has been doing full days - it’s wonderful.

“But it’s really all down to The Bucks Herald which took on Alex’s plight from the very beginning.”

Your Bucks Herald predates the reign of Queen Victoria and has seen a lot of changes over the years.

We are now a daily operation, uploading quality news stories on our website, Twitter and Facebook platforms.

In February this year www.bucksherald.co.uk recorded more than one million page views in a single month for the first time.

We regularly have 100,000 different devices logging in every month.

And thousands of people also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, joining in the conversation about the news which matters to you.

Editor Roger Hawes said: “This week is a timely reminder for local newspapers to reflect on how they impact and help their local communities.”




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