Uni may not be the only option?

An ATG trainer teaches a group of Scouts how to maintain their bikes

An ATG trainer teaches a group of Scouts how to maintain their bikes

Becoming an apprentice is a viable alternative to university - according to a leading training provider.

Aylesbury-based ATG Training has launched a campaign, designed to show young people that getting out to work early could have advantages for the long term.

The company, which is a registered charity has been working with apprentices since 1967, providing a range of training modules for students wanting to get into industry.

Ian Harper, chief executive of ATG, said: “There are some amazing opportunities available for school or college leavers in Buckinghamshire.

“These are real career opportunities, opening doors into some of the UK’s most outstanding companies with funded progression to degree level and beyond.

“These employers are ready and willing to invest in bright young people who will have prospects for long-term careers working alongside, and being trained by some of the UK’s if not the world’s most innovative employers.”

ATG has trained apprentices working in a whole host of high skilled fields.

These include Norston DAGE, which researches and manufactures industrial x-ray equipment, and Martin Baker, the world’s leading designer and maker of aircraft ejector seats.

A recent success story is Faye Chicken, who has gone on to study through Oxford University and is now working in 
Geneva with CERN at the site where Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web in 1989.

ATG’s Plan A campaign aims to inspire school and college leavers to consider the benefits of their getting their qualifications in the workplace.

To find out more about the training vacancies available now, or to discuss whether and apprenticeship is right for you call ATG on 0845 873 8440




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