The Aylesburian: It’s uncultured to demolish town’s historic buildings

The Aylesburian

The Aylesburian

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Much has been made of recent announcements by AVDC that Aylesbury is to become the ‘cultural centre’ for Bucks.

It would appear that to achieve this some of the remaining historic buildings in Walton Street and Exchange Street are to be demolished to release land for more restaurants to satisfy the needs of the ‘multitude’ of people who will be flocking into town to sample the ‘culture’ on offer.

The initial planning application has been submitted, and it is interesting to note that it’s publication coincides with the Easter holidays!

I daresay the interested parties, notably the district council, Bucks County Council and Aylesbury Vale Advantage, are hoping that local people will be too busy over Easter to notice this important application, and that it will just slip quietly through the net.

I am also surprised that stakeholders such as the town council, Aylesbury Society and local residents groups haven’t been consulted regarding these plans, yet they represent the people of the town more than, say, Aylesbury Vale Advantage, a one-man unelected body.

How can they say demolishing perfectly functionable former shops in Walton Street purely to establish a walkway, or half the old police headquarters in Exchange Street (referred to in the planning application as a ‘print works’) to make a wider entrance to a car park, will add to the ‘culture’ of Aylesbury, is unbelievable.

Culture is an ambiguous word.

I have heard through the grapevine that the management of Waterside has specifically been instructed by AVDC to focus on ‘cultural’ programmes?

ATG/AVDC have obviously interpreted culture to mean classical productions whether they be music, ballet or drama, and, of course, this is the general perception of culture.

However, there are those who believe that it encompasses all genres of music, plays, art and architecture/style, and this latter includes the preservation of their town’s historic buildings.

Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the ‘60’s/’70’s by demolishing the few remaining buildings of any historic interest in the town in an endeavour to make Aylesbury the cultural hub for Bucks.




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