Takeaway reopens after rat infestation

Spicy Grill in Cambridge Street which has reopened

Spicy Grill in Cambridge Street which has reopened

A takeaway which was forced to close after rat droppings were found in the kitchen has reopened.

Bosses at Spicy Grill in Cambridge Street say that they were getting ready to close their business for good, when hygiene inspectors called on February 4.

They claim that while clearing the eatery, dirt from an alleyway outside the building was walked into the kitchens, causing the contamination.

A spokesman said: “The business fell into disrepair, and rubbish was building up at the back.

“The rats built up and then we had problems.

“But now everything is under control, we have cleared everything up inside.

“People dump rubbish out there and there isn’t anything we can do to contain it.”

Hygiene inspectors from Aylesbury Vale District Council requested a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order after inspecting the premises.

Inspectors found food contact surfaces had become contaminated and there was evidence of a rodent infestation in the kitchen. The businesses’s owner Zafar Afzal was ordered to close Spicy Grill and to pay costs of £2,187

After carrying out required improvements Mr Afzal has decided to stay on in Cambridge Street and reopened on February 12.




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