Specialist wades in to stem flow of pollution after sewage leak

Environmentalist Doug Kennedy on a stretch of the River Thame at Cuddington Mill, Bucks

Environmentalist Doug Kennedy on a stretch of the River Thame at Cuddington Mill, Bucks

An environmentalist has launched a campaign to save a river from further pollution after a sewage spill last year.

Doug Kennedy, who has a masters in environmental decision making, is passionate about improving the River Thame’s water quality – which is below the legal limit – and is calling on the authorities to support the cause.

Mr Kennedy, who has a life-long love of nature, said: “I was appalled by the effects of the pollution last summer. Most of the fish were killed and all of the dragonflies disappeared and didn’t return.”

Last July, sewage from the Thames Water plant on Rabans Lane, Aylesbury, leaked into the River Thame and killed much of its wildlife.

Mr Kennedy is keen to get all those involved into one room to tackle the problem, so has taken it upon himself to organise a seminar in late June or early July in Aylesbury’s town centre.

The Cuddington parish councillor has already garnered verbal support from fellow politicians, the Environment Agency, local anglers, the Waddesdon Estate and several trusts which monitor the river itself.

Spokesmen from both Thames Water and Aylesbury Vale District Council said they would be keen to attend the meeting once a fixed date had been announced.

Mr Kennedy said: “Water quality is critical to both biodiversity and public health, and the state of the catchment is a disgrace while it’s below legislation. This is not a witch-hunt for Thames Water, but a positive initiative to improve matters for every stake holder, including the company. We all have our part to play in this.”




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