People’s Poll: Who do you intend to vote for at the General Election? (plus results from Waterside scheme vote)

Results will be announced from 2pm

Results will be announced from 2pm

With a year to go before the General Election, we ask which party you are currently intending to vote for when the nation goes to the ballot box.

In last week’s online poll we asked if you approved of council plans to build a new restaurant quarter opposite the Odeon Cinema.

Sixty-six per cent (535) said they did, while 34% (280) said no.

This week we ask how you intend to vote in next year’s General Election (we appreciate that for our readers in the Buckingham constituency the choice in reality will be somewhat limited due to John Bercow being Speaker – so this is your opportunity to vote how you really want!).

The poll is available to the right of all news stories (desktop version only, you can switch versions by scrolling down to the bottom of the page).




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