News editor looks ahead to 2014

Bucks Herald news editor Adam King

Bucks Herald news editor Adam King

  • by Adam King

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all our readers.

The life of a reporter is so exciting precisely because news is unpredictable, but there are certainly a number of things we already know are likely to make the headlines in 2014.

For starters, there’s HS2, which has had more words written on it than any other story since its announcement in 2010.

Scrutiny of the project will reach feverish levels in the middle of the year when a committee of MPs effectively put it on trial.

Public sector cutbacks will also continue, and I believe 2014 will be the year that Aylesbury Vale District Council’s spending really comes under the spotlight (the fact it wants to close the Jonathan Page which only costs £60,000 a year shows how desperate things are).

Another story likely to make front page news is the trial of John Bass, 50, of Arundel Green, who is charged with murdering Mark Austin in the Harcourt Green area of Aylesbury in January 2013. His trial is due to start in February.

A decision is likely to be made on plans for the Sainsbury’s store in Gatehouse Road.

The long delay in it coming before the council’s planning committee doesn’t bode well, yet the scheme appears to be popular with people in the town.

Will 2014 be the year that the Waterside retail scheme (don’t you remember – Debenhams, shops and restaurants on the town centre side of Exchange Street) finally moves forward?

I doubt it and I wonder if there is any real need for new shopping units when we can’t fill the ones we already have.

People have also grown used to the open-air Exchange Street car park, which was only ever meant to be a temporary arrangement.

Finally, the inaugural Paralympic flame lighting ceremony for the Sochi Winter Games will take place in Aylesbury in March.

I hope it turns out to be a fun celebration of Guttmann and the host city, not a stuffy affair for the invited suits.

Then 2014 may be just the start for something that will truly put us on the world map.




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