New shop withdraws bid for alcohol licence after concerns over drunken behaviour

Premier has withdrawn its application to sell booze

Premier has withdrawn its application to sell booze


Controversial plans for a new convenience store to sell alcohol have been withdrawn after an outcry from residents.

Premier on Cruickshank Drive in Halton, which is part of the Wendover Rise/ Princess Mary Gate development, had applied to sell alcohol from 6am to 10pm seven days a week including Christmas Day and Good Friday.

But following 16 letters of objection claiming that the sale of alcohol would lead to anti-social behaviour, Premier has withdrawn its application.

Peter Seal, licensing services manager at Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: “They won’t be selling alcohol.

“Perhaps once they are settled, they might reconsider applying but they have decided they would rather be working in cooperation with the locals.”

Jonathan Gradon was among those who objected.

He told the council there are already disturbances on the ‘central green area’ and pleaded that the licencing team do not ‘complete their nightmare by adding alcohol into the mix’.

In her letter of objection, Barbara Kay said the selling of alcohol in the middle of a ‘peaceful housing development’ would be ‘totally inappropriate’, while Allister Smith said: “The sale of alcohol can obviously lead to antisocial behaviour, noise, and litter problems, which we are keen to avoid on this development.”




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