New roads to be called after unusually named war dead

Names are being taken from the war memorial

Names are being taken from the war memorial

Town councillors have put forward a list of potential road names for new housing developments.

Aylesbury Town Council consulted the town’s war memorial for names which could appear on street signs in developments near Coniston Green and Bearbrook House.

At the meeting, councillors were told that more unusual names had been picked for the list, which will go to Aylesbury Vale District Council for a final decision.

Potential names for a development close to Coniston Green are: Cannon, Tofield, Stegall and Woodford.

The new street close to Bearbrook House could be named: Withers, Mayo, Biddick or Dumayne.

Councillors were also told that unfortunately the relatives of veterans named in the plans would not be contacted.




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