More district council offices could be shut down

AVDC offices, The Gateway

AVDC offices, The Gateway

Face-to-face contact points for enquiries at area offices could be closed due to declining visits.

Fewer people are visiting the two remaining offices in the district so a cabinet meeting on December 17 at the council’s Gateway offices will decide their future.

Less than 26 customers are attending the Winslow Library office every week and less than 80 visiting the Buckingham office.

Area offices provide information and access to council services, advice and assistance, payment facilities and help with completing forms.

But councillor Pam Pearce, cabinet member for community matters, said: “The way people access council services is changing and people tend to prefer contacting us either by phone or using our online services.

“It is clear from the visitor figures that maintaining the Buckingham and Winslow area offices in this manner is not efficient or cost effective.

“Encouraging people to use local post offices and shops instead of the area offices would provide a boost to the local economy whilst providing significant savings to the council.”

The council recognises the majority of customers visit the area offices to pay their bills but there are now many other ways to pay and customers are able to make payments in their local post office or PayPoint outlets.

Stopping face-to-face contact in Buckingham and Winslow would save the council £81,700 a year.

The council is also currently in the process of moving away from face-to-face contact in Aylesbury town centre so this proposal ensures all customers are treated equally and fairly.




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