Massive clean-up operation begins for Aylesbury flood victims

Stripped carpets outside Matt Coleman's Dormer Close home

Stripped carpets outside Matt Coleman's Dormer Close home


Flood victims in Aylesbury were able to begin a massive clean-up operation over the weekend as predicted downpours fortunately failed to materialise.

Rainfall and water from the brook, which runs close to the Willows estate near Walton Court, filled properties on Friday morning and forced scores of families out of their homes.

But the knee-deep water, which damaged many kitchens and living rooms, has now drained away.

There is no surface water left on the roads and the brook which had overflowed is now said to be back to normal levels.

One resident said it was like ‘someone had pulled the plug’ on Friday evening, with water retreating even quicker than it had arrived.

However, dozens of houses are still bordered with sand bags and homeowners begin to assess the cost of the floods.

Nick Hancock, 35, said: “We’re cramped in at the in-laws in Wycombe. There are seven of us and we’re all stepping on toes.

“I’d just put the last sand bag down when it started coming through the floor.

“Not long after, there was a baby picture of my mrs floating at the end of the drive way!”

Mark Draper, 57, who has lived in his Dormer Close home for almost 25 years said the area has never before flooded.

He said: “All these years, we’ve been saying to the kids not to eat in their rooms and now we’re here, eating lunches and dinners off the end of our bed!

“When I woke up, the kitchen was shimmering and you could see your footsteps in the carpet and then, the horrid realisation that it is coming from below.

“I’m thinking I need a life boat to get out of my front door!”

“All our photos of the kids, the diaries they’ve made, are all sitting on top of the wardrobe upstairs now. Everything else can be replaced but not that stuff.”

Matt Coleman, 40, has spent three nights with his young family at the Holday Inn in Weston Turville after his home was filled with water and said it will be weeks until his house is back to normal.

He said: “There was a moment when you thought we’re going to be all right. Until 8am, when it came in the house.

“They’ve (the insurance company) stripped the carpets and sprayed the floors to stop bugs and said the de-humidifiers will have to be on in the rooms, blowing air through, for four weeks.

“But my little girl loves the steam room at the hotel and she has about three breakfasts each morning!”

Heavy rain is predicted for this afternoon, with more wet weather predicted throughout the week, however Willows residents The Bucks Herald spoke to are optimistic the worst is behind them.




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