Marrying Betty was worth losing my job and house!

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A groom who abandoned his job and his home to marry the woman he loved celebrated 65 years of marriage this week.

Ray Briffett, 87, was working at a poultry farm when he asked his wife Betty, 85, to marry him.

But when his employer said that he was needed to work on the day they had planned to get married he gave up his job, and the house that came with the employment to make Betty his wife.

Sixty five years later the couple are still going strong, and although Betty sadly suffers from 
dementia, Ray visits her as often as he can at Coombe Lodge in Wendover.

He said: “In those days your job and your home were interconnected, so on the day I got married I was unemployed.

“But it only lasted for two weeks and then I found another job on a poultry farm.”

The couple went on to have two sons Roger, 62 and John, 60.

Both sons live nearby and Ray and Betty also have four grandchildren.

On Wednesday, the date of their wedding anniversary, Ray visited Coombe Lodge and the couple had lunch in the home’s restaurant.

Ray brought along their wedding album so that they could reminisce about old times.

He said: “I’m afraid it didn’t mean an awful lot to her, but it meant a lot to me.”

Jayne Lennard, personal activities leader at the home, said: “Very few residents have ever had a wedding 
album, and a copy of the original invitation.

“Roy said he could 
remember it as if it was 
yesterday, it was lovely that they were able to be 
together on their wedding anniversary.”

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