Marillion Christmas song to help sick dad



An Aylesbury rock band are using their Christmas single to help raise funds to extend the life of a man with terminal cancer.

Father-of-two Matt Elworthy was diagnosed with a brain tumour and, although there is no cure, his family are hoping to give him as much time as possible through 

To help pay for therapy, 80s group Marillion have pledged profits from their Christmas single, The Carol of the Bells, to his fund.

Bass player Pete Trewavas said the band got involved with the cause because one of their members is friends with Mr Elworthy.

Mr Trewavas said: “We have been doing a Christmas single for our fans for a number of years.

“This year we thought we could put it up as a download and give all the money to the charity.

“It’s nice to be able to help somebody.

“It’s a bit of fun and a good cause.”

In February this year Mr Elworthy, a Longwick cricketer, started hearing music in his ears and feeling peculiar. By March, he was experiencing severe headaches, which were put down to an ear infection and exhaustion.

He was taken to hospital after experiencing severe headaches and a CT scan showed a growth on his right temporal lobe. Mr Elworthy had part of a tumour removed and was diagnosed with a grade four Glioblastoma Multiforme. The family are hoping to raise £40,000 for his treatment.

His wife, Rachel Elworthy, said: “Our aim ultimately is to give Matt as much time with his family and friends as possible.

“He wants to see Jake start university next year and walk Isabella to school on her first day of primary school.

“As a family we are devastated by this diagnosis but we remain positive and determined to make a difference to Matt’s time left with us.”

Download the single from iTunes and find out more about the cause at www.justgiving.com/TheMattElworthyFund




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