Litter problem blamed on Aylesbury Vale Academy pupils

Rubbish outside Aylesbury Vale Academy

Rubbish outside Aylesbury Vale Academy

A man has spoken of his frustration over the amount of litter in the area around an Aylesbury school.

Paul Whittle, 52, who lives on the Berryfields estate, said he was angry at the increased amount of litter on the paths around the Aylesbury Vale Academy, which opened last September.

He said: “The litter which I notice the most is sweet wrappers, cans and bottles.

“I suspect the kids probably buy lots of stuff at Tesco, eat it while they are walking on the paths and just drop it.

“I hadn’t noticed it being a problem before the academy opened and I do think it reflects badly on them.

“I have seen kids doing it myself, but I have never approached them because I worry that I will just get a volley of abuse hurled back at me.”

Mr Whittle added that he felt that Aylesbury Vale District Council could do more to help tackle the problem.

He said: “I think the council could increase litter patrols in the area or put some temporary bins in.

“The school could even put a recycling bin by the entrance so litter could be put in there.”

Mr Whittle has written to the principal of the academy, Fiona Froment, to express his concerns.

Mrs Froment said: “We have been asking for litter bins on these paths for a few months now. We have also been re-iterating to students the importance of helping to keep the area tidy.

“Also, we are looking at whether helping to keep the community clean and tidy could fit in with the students environmental projects.

“There are a lot of issues to consider though with regards to sending the students out to pick up litter, partly because the A41 is a busy road.

“I am grateful to Mr Whittle for making us aware of his concerns, and we will certainly be looking at how we can help improve the litter situation.”

The district council confirmed it was looking into the possibility of putting bins in the area.

A spokesman said: “Talks have been taking place over putting bins on the paths.

“We may also increase the litter picks by the A41.”




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