Letters round-up (including school holiday debate and green rubbish monsters)

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Letters to the editor published in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


Last year I visited Luton Town Football Club and walking towards the stadium I was struck by the awful sight of row after row of old terraced houses with large green wheelie bins directly outside each front door.

It really was an eyesore and I would imagine not particularly hygienic.

But those houses were built circa 1920 so no provision would have been made for the green rubbish monsters.

Lately however, especially in the windy period just past, I have noticed that all over Aylesbury there are hundreds of flats and houses which don’t seem to have any provision for storing their wheelie monsters out of sight (what are the rules AVDC?).

Are there by-laws which prohibit refuse bins outside premises other than on collection days?

This is not just a problem with older properties as I have noticed whole squadrons of the wheelie soldiers standing forlornly on duty for seven days a week right outside the front doors of brand new houses on our newer estates.

What is going on? Have I missed a referendum?

Patricia Carrick



Clearly whoever is in charge of the road system in Bucks is a non driver - one only has to look at the citing of various traffic lights travelling from say the Blue Leanie to what was Big Mo’s roundabout leading down to Rothmans to realise that pedestrians have far more 
importance or priority than drivers.

However I would like to enquire as to why from the Godfather fish and chip shop right up to Macdonalds has the Council spent numerous amounts of resource and money to construct a pavement that is in fact wide enough to support vehicle travel ?

If the roads generally were of a good quality then I would mind far less but travelling down the A41 via Waddesdon each day and trying to avoid the numerous potholes and/ or poorly filled potholes I have find it mildly irritating to say the least.

I dread to think what the cost of car wheel and suspension repairs the Council has had to pay for thus far over the past 12 months is ?

Of course drivers and pedestrians have equal importance in life ( and Aylesbury ) but the balance appears very slanted towards the latter.

Alistair Maurice

Coombe Farm, Grendon Underwood


I would like to see provision for a small theatre seating around 400-500 people.

This would be available for amateur groups to put on performances at a cost which they can afford.

Since the loss of the old Civic Centre, there is very little available for groups such as Aylesbury Festival Choir (AFC).

AFC used to put on two concerts per annum and we did a Christmas concert which some of the local school children took part in.

We can’t afford to pay out the exorbitant fees expected should we wish to use the Waterside Theatre, besides which there is no way that we could fill a 1,200 seat theatre.

Maybe some of the buildings which are obviously empty could be refurbished to provide a suitable venue for amateur groups.

We live in hope!

Jean Tuer

Press and publicity officer, Aylesbury Festival Choir


The New Year floods are a memory for many people, but far too many of our fellow citizens still continue to count the cost of the deluges, among the worst in living memory.

That’s why I am delighted that the 11 lodges and six chapters at the Aylesbury Masonic Centre have made regular donations to the Freemasons’ Grand Charity, which has just announced a £30 000 donation to help people hit by the bad weather this year.

The money is going directly to the British Red Cross, which is bringing its worldwide expertise in disaster relief to bear across much of the worst-hit counties in England, particularly those in the West Country.

So a big thank you from me to the Aylesbury freemasons who have supported these efforts. They really have lived up to our principles of friendship, decency, and charity.

My admiration also goes out to those people who rolled up their sleeves and helped their fellow neighbours to deal with the effects of the terrible flooding. The English may have a reputation for being reserved but we always rise to the occasion when necessary.

Mike Stimson

Deputy head, Aylesbury and Bucks Freemason, The Masonic Centre, Rippon Street, 


Many thanks to the citizens of both Aylesbury and Lymington who between them bought £708.00 worth of homemade marmalade, all of which has now been donated to Pace.

Particular thanks must also go to the Coffee Tree in George St who sold/raised the magnificent sum of just under £250.00 and also to the Rockwood at the top of Kingsbury and Tilbury’s, the butcher’s in Market Sq who both helped considerably towards the final amount.

Thanks also to Colin of Tilbury’s for donating some of the many pounds of Seville oranges used in the process.”

Stephen Rotherham

Property Holdings


Following your article, ‘Aylesbury is HS2’s forgotten victim’ (Saturday 8 March), I want to reassure your readers that the National Trust has never asked for the route of HS2 to be moved away from Hartwell House.

We recognise that residents along the western edge of Aylesbury are concerned about living next to a high speed railway, as are we.

We believe that when designing the railway HS2 Ltd should respect the special character and qualities of Aylesbury Vale and work to connect and enhance the function of the landscape – visually, accessibly and environmentally.

That’s why we have been working closely with local authorities and communities surrounding Hartwell House to develop our own vision for what the railway could look like as it passes around Aylesbury.

We asked HS2 Ltd to include our proposals in their final plans, but it now appears we’ll need to petition Parliament to make this happen.

Steve Field

Project officer, National Trust


Aylesbury College is delighted to be welcoming our first international students in the summer and from September 2014

We are seeking families from the Aylesbury Vale who would be willing to offer accommodation to our students.

Competitive rates are paid and participating families have the opportunity to support and enrich the time our students spend in Aylesbury.

If anyone is interested in this opportunity they can contact Lucy Randall, customer services manager on 01296 588 632 or lrandall@aylesbury.ac.uk
Alternatively our website aylesbury.ac.uk/homestay provides further information.

Karen Mitchell

Principal and chief executive, Aylesbury College


I have lived in mid-terraced house in Carbine Path on Buckingham Park for almost six years and it is a particularly secluded spot.

We have only a footpath with no access for cars to the front of the house. Being eight months pregnant and my husband often working nights, my life has been a nightmare because the street lights outside my house and along the path have not worked for over a year plunging the area into complete darkness from as early as 4pm during the winter.

A sticker on each lamppost proclaims that you should call Bucks County Council on the number given to report any problems.

BCC in turn tell me that they have not adopted Carbine Path and that it is listed as a private road.

The developers have passed my complaint around all of their regional offices to no avail and insist it has been adopted by BCC.

When I asked BCC why I pay council tax with no street lighting, I was informed that street lighting is not part of the council tax levy!?


Mrs K Marum

Buckingham Park


We are calling upon anyone who is interested in going to Normandy for the D Day commemorations in early June.

Battlefield Memorial Tours are a voluntary and charitable supporting organisation who are continuing the work started by Alex Bulloch MBE (now retired).

In this special 70th year we can take you on an escorted visit to the D Day Beaches (5th sites of this beautiful area of France.

We welcome individuals, clubs or groups and have hotel accommodation booked. Any veterans or their spouses would be entitled to lottery funding or a friend could go as a carer to accompany anyone on their own.

We offer an excellent price of £385 for a five day trip, including accommodation and evening meals.

We are also running a trip to Arnhem between 19th pickups by arrangement via M42, M6, M1 and en-route to the Channel Tunnel. We can also visit personal military graves upon request.

A few places are still available for 5-9 July for a five day trip to WW1 areas @ £399 – Somme, Ypres & Mons, please ask as soon as possible.

Please visit the website at www.battlefieldmemorialtours.co.uk for further details or contact Brian Long Tel: 01629 650780

Tony Knight

Burnham Road, Shirley 


I read with interest MP David Lidington’s column on why school should take priority over family holidays.

Mr Lidington’s arguments are hard to disagree with and no responsible parent would pull their kid out of school if it was to damage their education.

However as a dad of three I am well aware of the huge amount of down time children have around the fringes of the school holiday calendar, particularly in the summer.

Perhaps then is the time some less well off families should be allowed to take advantage of lower holiday costs instead of facing the hugely hiked prices and the prospect of no holiday at all.
Just a thought.

Name and address supplied




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