Letters round-up (including private fiefdoms and Buckingham Road crematorium)

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Letters to the editor published in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


Again, the three old mainstream parties have voted for HS2 kicking Bucks voters full in the mouth - twice.

David Lidington, vowing to sacrifice his job in future if there is inadequate mitigation and compensation for Aylesbury, but saying “by staying in I have the inside track,” is re-running Cheryl Gillan’s feeble positions.

Likewise, she threatened to resign her Cabinet seat if HS2 went ahead, but after losing her Cabinet seat, claimed she could fight HS2 better outside the Cabinet. Steve Baker (Wycombe) has failed to convince colleagues against HS2.

Incredibly, both Dominic Grieve (Beaconsfield) and David Lidington (Aylesbury) were away – to keep their jobs; by not representing their constituencies by personally speaking out and voting against HS2.

Thus by keeping their jobs they effectively voted for HS2. Don’t expect any resigning of the Party Whip from Bucks MP’s, or leaving the Conservative Party.

It’s said that Bucks is so Tory a lamb with a blue ribbon would get elected as MP – perhaps given blindness to facts this is what most current self-serving, conviction-lacking MPs are.

Although HS2’s return on each £1 spent is now well below his stop loss £1.6 stop loss figure, former Transport Secretary Philip Hammond still voted for it - to retain his Defence Secretary position 
and eventual Ministerial pension?

If you don’t want to be led like lambs to the slaughter then it is time to wake up and join UKIP, get active in UKIP if you can and at least vote for the only mainstream party against HS2 before it’s too late.

A vote for anything else is a vote for HS2 and the continuation of 75% of UK laws being made by the EU masters who initiated HS2 in the first 

Cllr Chris Adams UKIP Aylesbury PPC.

Cllr David G. Meacock UKIP Wycombe PPC.

Tim Scott UKIP Beaconsfield PPC.

Cllr Alan Stevens UKIP Chesham & Amersham PPC.


I am writing this letter to express my disgust at what they want to do with the Cloisters.

I don’t understand why they closed it down in the first place when it was making money .

Then they go on to use it for storage for H&M which doesn’t make any money. Then they want to have a fitness centre built there . Why on earth?

The council go on about the shops that are still empty being full up, then they say more people are coming to Aylesbury.

In fact people are going to places like Milton Keynes etc.
Aylesbury is utter rubbish now, an embarrassment

Mr J Jones

Address supplied


I saw that HS2 was awarded a second reading in Parliament by 411 votes to 41. 41 against would have been even greater if many MP’s who are against it had turned up to vote and this is my issue.

Mr Lidington, I understand you were ‘out of the country’. I also understand that if you had voted against HS2, as a minister, you would have had to resign from your job as Europe Minister.

One can only assume that because you have said you are against HS2 and you also know how a large majority of your constituents are against it, you chose your job over your own and the majority of your constituent’s views.

Perhaps now you will understand why people are so disconnected from politics. MP’s used to be elected to represent their views and the views of their constituents, now it appears it is clearly just a career rather than a matter of representation and principle.

You seem to have just proved that. If you do the decent thing now and resign as the Europe Minister because of the decision on HS2, this will have a major impact on this project, which is what is needed.

Mr Bercow, if you too resigned as the Speaker over this decision, both of you, in doing the decent thing, will have the biggest impact yet in either putting a stop to this (so far) uncosted, unproven, unjustified, unnecessary folly of a scheme, or at least ensure that this idea goes back to the drawing board to ensure a proper costed, financially justified business case is produced, which we all know has not been done. Are you prepared to do that?

Name and address supplied


A couple of weeks ago you published details of extra monies to be paid by our village taxpayers resulting from a boundary dispute with an adjoining neighbour.

Subsequently an ‘extra’ meeting was called and announced on their website with an agenda containing two main items: tenancy of The Hub café they own, and the boundary dispute you reported on earlier.

Oh and a short notice ‘extra’ was attempted, namely the ‘tribunal’, whatever that may be.

A number of us are interested in these matters and took significant trouble to ensure we were present for the 7pm start.

We sat down, noting a somewhat frigid atmosphere from arriving councillors; then ‘Lo and Behold’ – the meeting was declared to be ‘in camera’!

One Councillor vigorously objected but was voted down since he had only one voting supporter.

I believe several points are of public interest here – not only in our village, but in lots of places where long standing local folk get elected and re-elected over many years simply because no one else wants the position anyway.

They get into a self important and arrogant mode that entirely forgets they are ‘serving’ members in an open democracy and not petty nabobs running their private fiefdoms!

This meeting was advertised as public – yet on a whim they invented a reason to exclude us.

There are 12 Councillor positions in Aston Clinton; 1 has recently resigned with immediate effect (after many many years of loyal service); 3 were absent or ‘will arrive later’; so that left 8 including the Chair. Motion raised by 1 and supported by 1 – 2 abstained and 3 voted in favour. Chair sits smugly back and requests the room be cleared.

Questions: why did 1 loyal man resign so suddenly; why did 3 decide to not attend or arrive late; why did 2 abstain?

Things are happening in Aston Clinton behind closed doors that we the public are being kept from, even though they involve large sums of our public money.

And it seems they are immune from outside scrutiny.

I’ve been attending parish Council meetings on and off over many years, and I have never seen situations such as this.

Essentially they spend over £100,000 of our money and keep all plans to themselves; with some very odd procedural practices along the way. Is this right?

J K Loxley

Green End, Aston Clinton


With two proposals now in for a new crematorium in the Aylesbury area I had a thought for a site for it.

How about the old Aylesbury United football ground on Buckingham Road?

I think this site would be ideal for a new crematorium because - It would provide better vehicular access off of a main road and easier to find than the Bierton proposal.

Also,the local residents don’t want any sporting facilities utilised on the site due to the noise etc,

The ground is going to ‘rack and ruin’ with people breaking in to the building to use it for who knows what reason!

Lastly,the current owner of the site would at last be able to sell the site no doubt for a large sum of money.

Richard Tunstall

Name and address supplied


May I say a most grateful thank you to the warm-hearted people of Aylesbury who contributed to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s town centre collection on April 26.

Their generous donations reached a total of £720, an amazing increase of £210 over last year’s takings.

Equally warm gratitude is due to the management of Friars Square who kindly allowed us to set up our stall and collectors’ centre in the concourse.

The money raised will be a very welcome contribution to this vital charity, which has no government funding, and whose volunteer crews are on call 24 hours a day every day of the year whatever the weathers.

Tony Hall

Hon secretary & flag day organiser, Chearsley


As a resident of Aylesbury, I want our elected councillors to make solving the housing shortage their top priority.

Many of us are finding it really hard to save enough money to get on the housing ladder, or are struggling with increasing rents while our salaries are staying the same.

I hope that all council candidates will acknowledge this reality and commit to tackling this problem.

They need to think about how we can get the right homes, in the right place, at the right price for everybody in Aylesbury.

I believe we can solve our housing shortage and that’s why I’m saying Yes to Homes in Aylesbury.

All we need now are the politicians who can make this a reality.

Find out more about Yes to Homes at www.yestohomes.co.uk

Leslie Casemore

Barrie Close, Aylesbury


Isn’t it about time this council put the renewing of roads, pavement, grass verges to rights before spending millions on things that can wait if they must have them. We have plenty of restaurants in this town.
I feel so very angry the way they carry on.

Mrs Janice Vaughan

Buckingham Road, Aylesbury


I am writing to congratulate all your readers who recently completed the London marathon and to say thank you to those who ran to raise money for Diabetes UK.

The whole day was a huge success with almost 40,000 people finishing the marathon, including 150 people who were running for the charity which cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by diabetes.

It will go a long way to help us improve services in the local area for people diagnosed with the condition, as well as helping us to find those who have Type 2 but do not know they have it.

Jill Steaton

Regional manager Diabetes UK south east region




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