Letters round-up (including panto praise and homeless Aylesbury United)

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Letters to the editor in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


I would like to recommend the wonderful pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, at the Waterside this year. The family and I agreed that everyone did a fantasticl job but the ‘wow factor’ was supplied by Anita Dobson playing Carabosse, the wicked fairy. What a multi-talented person she is. Readers go if you can to witness the riveting Anita.

Judy Brandis



I have just returned from another special evening at Queen’s Park Arts Centre. Because of the panto preparations classes had been curtailed, which meant that the guitar group met in the gallery of the coffee bar. No better way of working using the free wi-fi and listening to some glorious playing and singing.

However my main reason for visiting was to check out The Wanderhouse Project. Under the creative genius of Pippa North this exhibition is the first stage of an ambitious development for the New Year.

Pippa has drawn together the skills of the tutors and artists of all ages who use the centre to produce a unique experience. Imaginative use of materials, storytelling and inspired simplicity has produced an exhibition to stimulate and engender wonder.

On display throughout the Panto season both the show and Project are not to be missed events this Christmas.

Terry McCaffrey

Swan Close, Whitchurch


I was rather surprised to see the letter from councillor Blake entitled Leading the way,surely the BCC have been led by the developers in all cases of road developments.

For at least 40 years Aylesbury has been the poor relation due to the fact that there are so few actual councillors who live in the town.

We have been asking for a bypass for 50 years but no one has listened ,but they listen to big business.

How can shutting a busy bit of road on a major junction be sensible,to carry out this work Walton Street will need major and lengthy work to level the carriageways and then the traffic lights will cause total gridlock all day. I have said enough about Tring Road in the past but suffice to say it is a cock up.

Link roads through housing estates seem to be the preferred answer to traffic problems, all the residents will use these roads to go about their business and then added to this will be traffic trying to avoid the town centre result chaos.

Overall our elected representatives are not listening to the people who live in the town, they should be aware that they do not have their posts for ever we can vote the whole lot of them out and I hope we do at the next elections.

Christopher Lowe

By email


Isn’t it a pity that our Prime Minister doesn’t really understand that energy is too expensive these days.

He appears to just expend hot air blaming the capitalist energy companies. He wants to keep them anyway so that his chancellor can raise funds from taxes.

None of them including the energy minister appear to have initiative. How about a decree that all new builds facing the desired direction must have solar panels.

They could provide energy for themselves, neighbours and with a few longer visioned architects build energy sufficient communities. We have the technology. We don’t have the will.

Isn’t it a pity that our current local MP has turned his back on those constituents who will be affected by the tragedy of HS2. There was word that the current network can be upgraded over fourteen years.

You might like to ask when this is starting. Please do not hold your breath for an answer. A positive step would be to publish what improvements eg longer platforms, to take more carriages, are planned and when.

A progress chart would show that this is for real. Unfortunately our little island cannot really afford HS2, pleb line. Not many will be able to afford the fares either.

Isn’t it a pity that we don’t have any town planners.

Currently the traffic is dire. There are still 5,000 houses to complete. The Hampden Fields developers are calling the tune, Closing the Aristocrat slip road does not help the local Aylesbury residents, hinders the emergency services but gets the developers out of a fix!

Why is this even considered.

Isn’t it a pity that those that are elected by serving the people conveniently forget that they got elected because initially they did represent their constituents.

Shame too that planners don’t take a step back and have some ideas. Would park and ride like Oxford and Hemel Hempstead work at the end of the A41 to the east, At Parkway to the west, on land where there are playing fields at Fairford Leys or opposite to the south.

On leaving school common sense was one subject we were not taught. Doesn’t appear anyone has it these days.

Never mind, Happy Christmas, little doubt that we’ll be in the same merry mess this time next year.

Phillip Rance

Langdon Avenue, Bedgrove

Stoke Mandeville


I am writing to you regarding the local hospital. Recently my mum was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and had a MRI of her spine.

We got a call from her oncologist saying her MRI scan showed more cancer and she needed to get to stoke Mandeville A&E to see the medical team.

After being booked in she was seen by a nurse who informed the doctor we had blood tests and were informed there was delay in the medical team seeing her. We were taken to a cubical where the staff were friendly and very welcoming.

They helped us feel at ease in a time of need. The care was excellent we were involved in every aspect of her care.

Our views were taken into account. We were then transferred to ward 7 where the staff were very welcoming and allowed me to stay due to how my mum was feeling.

The staff were very polite and friendly. In the morning my mum was seen by the on call doctor who asked what we wanted in regards to her care.

With the oncology team and on call team my mum was discharged as she wanted. The help we needed was given. The staff at Stoke Mandeville were very caring and friendly. They always consider our views.

Sobia Alia

By email


It is strange that sometimes an old chestnut is resurrected by an unexpected event.

Very recently on match day I was stopped by two men in their 40s or 50s in a car who were anxious to find out where Aylesbury United stadium was in the town.

Somewhat embarrassed, I informed them that they were miles away from where they needed to be - Leighton Buzzard.

They were both astonished that a town of this size did not have a home ground right here and in fact played in another county.

I stood there in dismay while they drove off towards Leighton Buzzard.

This issue had been further compounded by the Buck’s Herald (Dec 4) report of our 13-year-old singing talent Jack Ross performing in front of 14,000 football fans at Milton Keynes Dons for the League One visit of Coventry City.

Transport to and from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes consisted of a shuttle bus service with MK Dons supporters from here offered discounted tickets for the game.

Increasingly over recent seasons, MK Dons have been acting like vultures picking over the bones of of the dead carcus which is Aylesbury United.

They see Aylesbury as easy pickings, a sure-fire way of gaining access to a void in football which exists here in our town.

I find it unacceptable that our council, who have shown considerable interest in other sport and leisure activities here, have then been pathetic in failing to break down with real purpose any barriers which they say prevent progress in restoring United to a home venue after a period of nearly seven years.

Aylesbury has grown massively to what it was 20 years ago and therefore has a large stock of promising young players and a huge amount of local football fans.

Compare our size to Chesham who boast a brilliant football club in Chesham United (a former venue for Aylesbury United).

Chesham United (top of the Calor South Premiere League) are a well run outfit supported by the local council and the community.

In Aylessbury we have been guilty of depriving a whole generation of younger people the opportunity of supporting what has been our main club, United, here in the town, a club which is 116 years old with a rich 

What an appalling legacy to leave behind from the powers that be. To me, and I suspect hundreds of other United supporters from the past, Aylesbury Uited may as well not exist at all, judging from the failure to secure a permanent home base and the depths to which Aylesbury United have sunk.

Peter Vaughan

Buckingham Road, Aylesbury




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