Letters round-up (including immigration, voters’ motives and HS2 toffs)

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Letters to the editor in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


From 1st January, unrestricted access was given to around 50,000 Bulgarians and Romanians allowing them to come to the UK.

Some people from those countries are already here, and whilst some have settled in well and are contributing to the UK economy a number are already causing problems, with many rough sleeping in London or wherever they can find somewhere to sleep.

Some authorities like Westminster Council are already implementing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s) which they expect to come into force next April.

These will be deployed to stop gangs of homeless Eastern Europeans from squatting or taking over places or areas which are not suitable for such a purpose.

As well as Westminster Council, other authorities like Kent County Council and Barnet Council are also considering using these PSPO’s in parts of their areas- the latter with good justification.

In June last year a group of 68 Romanians had to be evicted from a vermin infested camp that they had set up without authority on the neglected and abandoned local football club pitch in Barnet.

Here in Aylesbury, we have a similar area that they could find attractive to them, namely the old Aylesbury United Football ground in Buckingham Road.

Isn’t it about time that this ground was quickly redeveloped in some way before such a situation develops there ?

Alternatively maybe the local authority here should be seriously considering the possible implementation of PSPO’s for that and other possible “grot spots” of a similar nature in and around Aylesbury, before it’s too late .

Stan Ball

Elmhurst Road, Aylesbury


Hold on to your hats because 2014 is set to be one of the most momentous years in this county’s sporting history.

It is a year that could really cement Bucks’ place on the global sporting map.

The principal reason for this is the lighting of the Paralympic Heritage Flame in a special ceremony, watched by a global TV audience, on March 1 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

The flame lighting is historic because it is the first time a part of the Paralympic torch relay has been held outside the host nation.

The flame will be merged with eight others from the Russian federal states to light the cauldron in Sochi on March 5.

But I believe this could be a catalyst for a whole host of other great events that will add to the county’s rich legacy because there is just so much going on in Buckinghamshire.

There is a fantastic variety of international and top-quality sport on offer to spectators, such as: rowing and triathlons at the Olympic and Paralympic venue at Dorney Lake; motor racing at Silverstone; and international cricket at Wormsley, the most picturesque ground in England.

And of course you cannot leave out Premiership rugby from Wasps and league football from Wycombe Wanderers.

There will also be a number of other great events coming up throughout the year.

These include the World Junior (u23) Games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium held by International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation. This will run from August 2 to August 8 and will be the first time the Games have returned to the UK in the 10 years of their existence.

But sport in Bucks is not all just about being a spectator. We would like to challenge people to make 2014 the year where they make the most of the great facilities in Bucks and take up a new sport or exercise more regularly.

As well as lifting the profile of sport in the county in 2014, we also hope to set new standards in accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities, who can be inspired by the fact Buckinghamshire is the birthplace of the Paralympic movement.

For more information on what is happening in 2014 and how you can help, please regularly check out our new website: www.buckslegacy.org

Carl Etholen

Chairman of the Buckinghamshire Legacy Board


On behalf of Aylesbury Lions I would like to thank the many shoppers who gave to our recent can collection at the Tring Road Tesco Store.

Your generosity enabled us to deliver Christmas parcels to 70 households as well as donating some products to three local charities.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and we wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

Ron Syratt

President Aylesbury Lions

Santa’s helpers

Isolated incident

Your front page ‘Santa’s helpers abused in street’ (Herald 18 December) is a sad indictment of society today.

I would like to say to anyone reading the article, please don’t judge all Aylesbury folk by this one isolated incident.

The Rotary Club of Aylesbury Hundreds, travelling around with it’s own Santa float, has met with nothing but generosity, good spirits and a warm welcome on the Hartwell, Prebendal Farm, Fairford Leys and Berryfields estates and in the villages of Stone , Bierton and Waddesdon.

We thank the people of these areas and look forward to seeing them next year.

I hope the antics of a few will not deter our mother club, the Rotary Club of Aylesbury, from carrying on with their good work for worthy local charities.

R J King

PR & Communications officer The Rotary Club of Aylesbury Hundreds


We read in the papers everyday what awful service we get from the NHS A&E departments

Well beat this. I made a stupid mistake on Christmas Eve and badly cut my finger with a carving knife.

I walked into Stoke A&E department at 2pm. The check-in was quick and efficient. I sat down to read my book.

Five minutes later a nurse called me into her office to assess my wound. That’s got to be cleaned up and properly dressed, I will inform the doctor, go and sit in the waiting area. I settled down to read my book. Five minutes later the doctor called me in.

Quite rightly she scolded me for my own stupidity, cleaned and dressed my finger and sent me on my way.

The time now was 2.30pm. Now that’s what I call service. Well Done Stoke A&E and thank you.

Jim Flynn



On the 4th May 1964 a group of 36 girls mostly aged 18 started their nurse training at St George’s Hospital at Hyde Park Corner SW1 and Tooting SW17.

After qualifying they moved on to many different parts of the world and many of us lost touch with our fellow students but this year we are organising a 50th anniversary reunion.

One of our group has done fantastic work tracking down people using Genealogy and databases, and made contact with one person in the wilds of Canada who has her ticket booked to join us and another in Sydney Australia but we are still missing two of the group.

They are Sue Bevan and Liz Chandler.

Liz Chandler came from Aylesbury/Amersham area and her married name is Perkins. Sue Bevan came from the Epping Forest/Chelmsford area and after St George’s she worked at the London Hospital on the Cardiac ward for a time.

St George’s Hospital SW1 is now the Lanesborough Hotel and we hoped to have the reunion there on but they are closing for renovation so we are going round the corner to a local pub

We would love to make contact with our two missing friends as they will be missed on such a special day.

They can find how to make contact by going to Facebook page St George’s Hospital, May 1964 set. Here is hoping someone will know where they are.

Christine Rola nee Belcher

Address supplied


Firstly may I wish you and all your readers a happy and successful 2014.

Many will be aware that a Bedgrove resident in December suffered yet another worrying accident on Cambourne Avenue when a 70 year old gentlemen was run over on the crossing by Jansel Square.

My regards go to him and his family and I sincerely hope he makes a full recovery from his injuries.

I was interviewed by a reporter from this paper after this accident, and in it I promised that I would talk to both the Cabinet member for transport Cllr Janet Blake at Bucks County Council and Thames Valley Police (TVP) to discover what the cause of the accident was with a view to making the road safer than it is at present.

Although I have been told by TVP that the cause of the accident is still under investigation, I nonetheless know from my own observations and conversations with residents that even though it may not have been a cause of this accident, speed is one factor that needs to be dealt with to make Bedgrove/Cambourne Avenue and adjoining roads safer.

I myself sat in the Buck Yeoman pub on Friday afternoon and observed a number of vehicles going past the window doing 40, 50 and even 60 miles an hour, along what is a 30mph residential road, this is simply ridiculous and must stop.

I have therefore requested and got from TVP a promise that they would soon be carrying out a number of speed checks on Bedgrove roads both to reassure residents, to try and deter speeders from speeding, and to try and catch those that do.

Another plan I will look to enact is to include local schools in a campaign to help advertise speeds in the area, I hope to push this plan forward from the concept stage soon.

I have also asked BCC to let me have data on the number of accidents that have happened on Bedgrove/Cambourne Avenue, the answer they provided is very worrying, in the last three years including this latest accidents there have been ten accidents involving injuries, this is a far higher figure than even I expected, I am truly shocked.

I have therefore asked Cllr Janet Blake if I could have a meeting with her and relevant officers to discuss what measures can be taken to try and make our roads in Bedgrove safer and to reduce this high level of accidents.

I do hope with the Editor’s indulgence to inform you about both the campaign with local schools and what measures if any can be taken to make the roads safer in Bedgrove

But I would like to end on a plea, please can people stop speeding along Bedgrove/Cambourne Avenue and adjoining roads, it is 30 for a reason its not 35, 40, 50 or even 60 mph, Bedgrove is a residential area, unless the speeders slow down accidents will happen and people will get injured and possibly killed, so please slow down PLEASE STOP SPEEDING!

Cllr Mark Winn

AVDC Bedgrove (Conservative)


The recent Elmhurst by election was somewhat of a damp squib by normal standards.

From all the eligible voters only a paltry 22.7% bothered to vote.

From that meagre showing the Lib Dems emerged as winners with UKIP in second place. The remaining parties Labour, Conservatives and Greens finished behind them in that order.

In the absence of any proper analysis as to why a massive 77.3% stayed away, one can only speculate as to what the reasons were.

Some may have become disillusioned with all the local politics completely, some may have lost faith in a party they once believed in but would not vote for anyone else, and some may have had an inclination to vote but thought their vote wouldn’t count for anything anyway.

What is clear however is that the result is at odds with public opinion both nationally and locally, because all the polls indicate a dramatic fall in support for the Lib Dems since 2010 - down to a measly 9%.

This has since been reflected here in the last full elections , where UKIP are now the main opposition to the Conservatives instead of the Lib Dems.

In fact UKIP are a growing threat to all other three parties generally, with their clear-cut no-nonsense policies which strike a chord with a growing mass of the public.

Among other issues they are the only party who are absolutely opposed to the local headache of HS2, a project they would cancel immediately. Under previous elected Lib Dem councillors, Elmhurst has not exactly covered themselves in glory.

For instance, on major issues for the estate, like the closure of the doctors surgery, forcing residents (many of whom are elderly) to travel all the way over to Mandevile surgery to see a doctor, they have failed, despite a promise by former Cllr Raj Khan that it would not be allowed to happen, voiced at a public meeting held at the community centre in 2006.

In 2009 they proclaimed in their literature that the confusing pelican crossing at the Horse and Jockey traffic lights on all four sides would be moved further away for safety reasons . It never happened because such a scheme is unworkable pin practice. It was never thought through properly.

And so it should not be assumed that the Lib Dems achieved victory through outstanding previous performances. It was because their replacement candidate former mayor Nicknam Hussain was substantially supported by the Asian community throughout the estate.

Do not interpret this as being politically incorrect or racist in its tone. It is merely a fact.

I hope Nicknam steps up to the plate and replaces past failings with successes.

By the way Nicknam, you could make a start immediately re-instating the goalposts and designated pitches in the Alfred Rose park, which were there for decades but removed under the previous Lib Dem regime, so that local promising junior and intermediate teams can once more play their football there.

Peter Vaughan

Buckingham Road, Aylesbury


Your article asking will 2014 make or break HS2 is very apt for both Stop HS2 and the politicians.

We have had enough of huge sums of taxpayers money being spent on legal follies opposing the railway and with no authority from the electorate.

And now they announce the rates are going up so they can afford to make a challenge in the European Court?

Meanwhile we continue to suffer from the appalling state of our roads.

As an example, just look at the A41 at Kingswood and yet again that regular and unnecessary flooding on the Gawcott road near Calvert which wrecked two more cars last week.

So hapless politicians, here’s your resolution for the new year. It is absolutely out with council anti-HS2 funding and positively in with expenditure on basic facilities.

Never mind the toffs, just do something useful for a change.

Jo Hoskins

Brickhill Way, Calvert


I have been told that the two yellow lines in front of a kerb are not part of the council’s Christmas decorations.

It seems you are not supposed to park your car there.
Also, the area of paving between the kerb and the fence or wall is not a hard shoulder but is there for people to walk on.

Someone ought to tell the people who use the food outlets opposite the Vale Park in Aylesbury. I would not want them to get into trouble and spoil their New Year.

The next thing I suppose is they’ll stop people parking their wheelchairs and children’s buggies in the road where they get in the way of cars.

Name and address supplied




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