Letters round-up (including immigrant’s letter to UKIP politician amd a poem about texting)



Letters to the editor in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


I am writing in response to the Aylesburian’s comments about the cancellation of Aylesbury market in last week’s Bucks Herald.

Recently we have had unprecedented weather across the UK, which has led to extra precautions being taken with temporary structures.

Aylesbury market uses 
robust pop-up market stalls 
for its traders but manufacturers’ advice is that they can only take 30mph winds – this is 
the norm with pop-up structures.

With reference to the recent occasions that the Aylesburian refers to, the market has actually only been cancelled once and this was due to predicted wind forecasts from the Met Office of


On the other two occasions stalls were not erected due to wind forecasts in excess of 40mph but traders were offered the opportunity to trade from their own vehicles.

Traders will confirm that we only cancel the market in extreme wind conditions – in order to compensate for these unusual conditions we have added alternative trading options by allowing vehicles on site to act as buffers but also allowing trading to take place without stalls.

Decisions not to erect the stalls are not taken lightly and a Met Officer adviser is spoken to the day before about the likely wind speed and reliability of the forecast.

We are committed to running a safe market, whilst balancing the needs of the traders, and have a responsibility to ensure that traders, shoppers and visitors are not maimed (or even killed) by stalls that have blown over.

I am surprised that the Aylesburian is willing to override professional advice and put the visitors to the town at 

I would be more than happy to meet the Aylesburian to talk about the actions that we (and many other local markets) have recently taken and to find out what he/she would have done differently.

Diana Fawcett

Aylesbury town centre manager


I feel a personal response is required to Councillor Adams’ letter in the Bucks Herald on February 12.

To a large extent, he is talking about me in his comments.

I am a first generation immigrant to the UK.

My family moved here from Denmark when my father was offered a management job in the early 1980s.

My first language isn’t English, I have used the NHS, and my children were born here so are part of the 31% with a foreign parent he refers to.

Oh, and I live in a house in Aylesbury so must be part of the mass immigration he objects to.

But hang on... I paid for my own way through university, have worked and paid taxes continuously since I was 21, never claimed benefits, and volunteer in my community.

In fact nothing like the caricature Mr Adams seeks to portray.

Furthermore, of all the people I know in Aylesbury who have come from outside the UK, none claims benefits, all work and contribute to the economy.

Quite a few run their own businesses and employ local people.

I am not special or unique but a typical example of an immigrant.

The definition of racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

I can’t help thinking that Mr Adams’ tarring of all ‘Eastern Europeans’ as an “army of unskilled migrants and free loaders from the impoverished nations of Eastern Europe” fits that description.

If the hat fits, Mr Adams.

Anders Christensen

Buckingham Park, Aylesbury


This winter whilst driving round Aylesbury and district at night I have noticed a rise in the number of vehicles with only one dipped beam headlight.

This is something that should be attended to rapidly as it is a danger to all concerned; the number of commercial vehicles also implies companies not maintaining their vehicles.

With the state of our county roads a complete set of properly adjusted headlights is essential to avoid the many growing number of potholes.

Badly adjusted headlights are just as dangerous and this shows that people are not looking after their vehicles with the attendant dangers of accidents.

If you don’t know how to fit a light bulb the local auto store will do it for you so no excuse is there.

Christopher Lowe

Address supplied

car parking


Copy of a letter sent to the Aylesbury Travelodge and David Lidington MP:

I have just returned from having a lovely three-night stay in the Aylesbury Travelodge to see a long term friend.

While I have to commend the accommodation and the staff service, the parking is another issue.

At £8 per day it is excessive and unusual for a Travelodge accommodation whilst also being most unfriendly in the fact that it has to be paid by 8am the next morning.

This does not enable the lie-in that one likes to indulge in when away from the daily grind of the working world.

I would also go as far to say that this defeats the idea of budget accommodation.

Aylesbury is not really known as a tourist attraction and the £8 daily parking charge could well be putting people off visitors that would come for a short stay say, for example, to visit the new theatre.

I really feel that the parking issue needs to be sorted , not only to save the Travelodge staff from upset customers but for better reviews on Trip Advisor websites that are now freely available to the general public when deciding on where to visit and explore.

I hope you will appreciate this letter and act in the best interests of visitors to the Travelodge in Aylesbury and therefore the economy of your town.

L. Pinfold

Woodloes Park , Warwick


With the election season approaching politicians stir and at least Alan Stevens is open in seeking votes in his letter (Bucks Herald, February 19).

But what is most clearly visible is the usual blustering UKIP route of slating HS2 to obscure the fact the party lacks credible policies. It’s a classic political opportunist approach, of course.

Arguably, most of our politicians, from the top down to him, can be tarred with his ‘feeble’ attitude brush. The feebleness is the failure to realise what a practical influence they could have on the project locally, if only they tried.

Education and training are perfect examples of this. Are they going to support the new college or try to torpedo that, too?

And contrary to his assertion, we now see northern authorities realising they do have opportunities to develop valuable connecting services to the HS2 hubs, one key purpose of the new railway.

It’s a national project and down here Bucks needs to benefit from it as well in various ways.

So, let us give support this year to our local politicians who do have the real interests of their communities at heart, whether it be in education, bypasses like ours, road repairs, construction or whatever.

Ian Adams

High Street, Waddesdon


In response to Councillor Lewis’ letter last week, I’d like to make a couple of points about the Freedom of Information Act.

The councillor bemoans the fact that AVDC has to spend time and money responding to FOI requests, so here’s a suggestion: why not make 
sure all the information is public in the first place?

Not only would this save time and money on all sides, but it would also ‘enhance democracy’ – something the councillor is obviously very keen on – as the public could see how their money is being spent without waiting 20 working days.

Councillor Lewis also appears concerned that requests from the Bucks Herald sometimes don’t get column inches.

The FOI law is open for everyone to use, so when Joe Bloggs makes a request that doesn’t get wider publicity, is this also a waste of time and money? I get the impression Councillor Lewis would find a friend in former PM Tony Blair, who sees the FOI Act as one of his greatest mistakes.

Marcus Chippindale



I noticed with interest your recent coverage of the rise in the price of school bus travel.

However, this is not the full story. It is being proposed that all post 16 travel provision will be scrapped.

Post 16s will not be guaranteed a paid place on any school bus.

In the case of Chiltern Hills Academy there is no school bus. Post 16s will be have to use public transport and in the case of rural areas, for instance Bellingdon where I live where there is no public transport, the proposals leave a gap with no provision being offered.

Chris Mundy says in his letter: “Local authorities do not have a duty to provide home to school/college transport for students 16 years old and over.”

These new proposals will have a damaging effect on those people who live in rural areas and those children who are least able to access education or training.

This is to me the real story.

Helen Moss

Address supplied


The eye-popping vilification of the Liberal Democrats as portrayed by Councillor Chris Adams (UKIP) in the Bucks Herald February 12 certainly made 
interesting reading.

No doubt there will be the usual media-driven responses from some members of the public as well as Lib Dem councillors in which they label UKIP as closet racist or loonies or scaremongers, but they cannot hide from the fact that the European Union has become an ugly body of bureaucrats presiding over a bloated group of 27 countries in decline economically, and because of the euro, politically and fiscally also.

How fortunate we are not to be embroiled in such a flaws and failed currency.

We pay £55 million a day into the European Union. The pro EU lobby proclaim that ‘ah, yes, but we get a rebate to spend here’ , but it is on their terms.

The Lib Dems appear to be blind to the prospect of this small island nation of ours having to struggle with a predicted population of 75 million in a few years time and because they do not reject this as unacceptable they are prepared as pro EU to tolerate it.

Until recent years immigration in debate has been off limits, seen as being politically incorrect, but now the pot is bubbling over and is high on the agenda in the thoughts of voters.

The plain truth is that the Lib Dems, for political reasons, depend largely on the votes of millions of immigrants who not only come here to work but raise families. It is the size of the influx that voters find obnoxious, and why so many are switching allegiance to UKIP.

Every country in the world accepts immigration as long as it has sensible controls, controlled by them, and this is what UKIP stands for.They are not scaremongers, but realists who have the vision to see trouble on the horizon.

The tone of Chris Adams letter may appear extreme to some, but it carried a lot of weight. No doubt this was in the minds of the safe Labour seat of Wethenshawe and Sale East by election on February 13 where UKIP finished second and the Lib Dems lost their deposit.

Peter Vaughan

Buckingham Road, Aylesbury


Text - Nation

Why does no one

Read their texts?

It’s really something

That gets me vexed,

I write a surmon

Ten sentences long,

They read about two

And reply to one.

I write concisely,

As I can,

Capital letters, full-stops

The whole sha-bang;

But you’d think they’re

Reading gobble-de-gook,

And not the well thought-out book.

And then there’s the texts

That beats them all,

When asked, “How are you?”

“You don’t hear at all.”

And then the ones

You can never end,

Keep ping-ponging back

Like bad boyfriends.

“See ya!’’


“Take care”


It really wants to make me cry;

Please pick up the phone

And press to ear,

So I can hear your voice,


Mellie C


Don’t all laugh about your short piece this week but who set up Erik Grimley as the fall guy for the online scrap HS2 idea?
Appparently he has quoted the BBC Xountryfile as saying that the $4million supposed to be spent on clearing ditches only £1million was. Result, floods.
How exactly is scrapping HS2 going to help them now spend the unused £3million already committed we must wonder? Good logic.

Janice Roley

Tiverton Crescent, Aylesbury


Let us give credit to our council for beginning the process of developing practical and beneficial ideas on the back of the HS2 railway project, as reported in the Bucks Herald last week.

Now get those bypass and station proposals firmed up please. So we should say well done to Tett and Co.

After all the wasted time , effort and cost in pursuing fruitless legal actions which clearly was only going to benefit lawyers, the population deserves some proper positive thinking and action. Not just that, we need to see a replacement of this stupid and vane spending our public money with more repair to the roads.

Peter Shore

Ingram Avenue, Bedgrove




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