Letters round-up (including grass cutting and European Union)

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Letters to the editor in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


I am writing to complain about the grass cutting on Hartwell Estate or the lack of it,two cuts have been made leaving the grass more suited for a cattle grazing area.

Also this holiday weekend residents at the rear of the estate resorted to cutting waist high grass that has not been touched.

This should not be, we are paying the council to do this work and they are not doing so.

Will the council be reimbursing the residents who did their job for them or will they run around sighting health and safety practises?

Some years ago a group of us on our close got together to cut the grass ourselves because of the abysmal efforts made by contractors to do the job.

Eventually AVDC stopped us doing this because of a perceived H&S requirement ,perhaps we were showing them up to be inept at managing contractors ?

Also the grass alongside the Oxford road is to be left uncut this will impact on the cycle path rendering it unuseable

The council is a disgrace they are breaking our contract with them to provide services in exchange for our tax monies

If they cite government cuts that won’t wash,there is enough money to provide services. They along with many other councils are just not up to the job.

Looking around the town in general it is becoming scruffy and in need of tlc, perhaps we should all get rebates so as we can look after our own patch of the area this will instil civic pride and also stop money being spent on useless contractors.

Christopher Lowe

Address supplied


As we raise awareness about Dying Matters Week (12th-18th May), it’s important to understand that dying people and their families can experience a tremendous sense of isolation.

They can feel shut out of social circles and distanced from their communities.

A lack of conversation is perhaps the most important reason why people’s wishes go ignored or unfulfilled; if we don’t know how to communicate what we want, and those around us do not know how to listen, it is almost impossible to express a clear choice.

It has been said that what we fear most about dying is the associated loss of control.

By empowering our patients to express their wishes that control can be restored and by promoting openness and communication we are on the first steps to achieving this.

As a Hospice, we are committed to supporting changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviour around death and dying, and aim to encourage a greater willingness to engage on death and bereavement issues.

For example, our nurses support people to make advance care plans; providing them with the information and support they need to make choices about where they would like to be cared for as they approach end of life.

The facts speak for themselves: 81% of people have not written down any preferences around their own death, and only a quarter of men (25%) and just over one in three women (35%) across England have told anyone about the funeral arrangements they would like to have after they die.

Nearly two thirds (63%) of us would prefer to die at home, yet of the 500,000 people who die each year in England, 53% die in hospital. Nearly two-thirds of people (60%) have not written a will – including a quarter (25%) of over-65s.

The Florence Nightingale Hospice will continue to provide specialist palliative care and support to local families affected by life-limiting illness via in-patient and at-home services, which are accessible and free-of-charge to all. Thank you for your continued support.

Jane Naismith

Matron, Florence Nightingale Hospice


Reflect on crime

I wonder if the person who stole my purse from my car by the Marsworth-Cheddington canal would like to reflect on the stress caused by this action.

At 64 years of age they left me without petrol to continue to my destination, no cash, cards or any other form of payment. As I do not have anyone to instantly contact I was left to sleep in my car.

As well as the usual contents of bank cards, driving licence and bus-pass and many loyalty cards from various organisations/stores which will have to be restored taking a long time to do and hopefully not losing credit built up over time.

It also had a photograph taken in 1950 which was the only one of my dad holding me at six weeks old when I was adopted.

Having lived in the area I had only sweet and happy memories, but for the sake of a couple of pounds change and my purse, which was a Xmas present last year from a deceased relative, it has caused me grief and upset.

J Davis

Addressed supplied


I am writing to make the Lib Dem position on the European Union clear.

Yes, the Lib Dems are the only party unambiguously IN the EU but no, the party is not anti-reform.

If the UK did leave the EU it won’t just evaporate – the EU would still be there, influencing and regulating the largest market in the world, only then we’d have no say over regulations from Brussels.

Non-member Norway, which is a member of the European Economic Area, has 75 percent of EU regulations imposed on them, yet they have no say or influence on those rules.

Is that what your readers want for this country? I think not.

The EU will only work for Britain with hard working MEPs around the table making decisions that impact our lives for the better.

As we have the third largest population we have the third largest number of MEPs in the parliament and we’re in the highest grouping of weighted votes in the Council where our ministers sit.

I could see no reason for me or other MEPs to go to the parliament unless I believed that, as a British MEP, I could change the EU for the benefit of Britain.

It’s a pity some other MEPs don’t feel they need to earn their pay or turn up to represent their voters.

Lib Dem MEPs have made huge changes in the EU - from tightening regulation of bankers’ bonuses or getting a fair deal for small-scale fisherman to securing, no extra costs, mobile roaming charges abroad as well as working towards higher carbon-cutting targets for 2030.

Taking a back seat and letting Europe impose itself on Britain is certainly not the future I want for our country. I believe that to ensure Britain remains truly Great we must remain at the helm of the EU, steering it in a direction which most benefits us.

Catherine Bearder MEP


With the European elections fast approaching, and as someone who believes this country needs to play an active role in Europe, I hope the electorate sends out a strong message about our willingness to play a constructive part in the future.

What particularly prompts me to write is the UKIP leaflet dropping through the letter box.

If there is one party I will categorically not be voting for, it is this party.

To break our trading relationship with Europe would be nothing short of daft.

Yes, Europe has been going through a difficult period, but we have to think longer term than the end of this financial year.

The EU is almost half a billion customers in our part of the World. The notion from UKIP and others that France and Germany can be downgraded because we happen to have a trade deficit, would, by the same logic, mean we would be better off trading with any south Pacific island where we happen to have a surplus.

This also pre-supposes that the rest of the world is queuing up to pick up the slack in trade if we depart from the EU, where half our trade is.

Another claim from UKIP is that fuel would be cheaper outside the EU. This seems a strange claim when they are talking about re-directing trade to the other side of the planet.

I wonder which major markets geographically closer to the UK than Germany and France they are referring to. The other aspect to this is the increased carbon gas emissions when trading over longer distances, and the affects on climate change.

On immigration from Europe, this has always been a fundamental principle of what was originally called the Common Market. The name said it, the free market of goods, capital and labour.

When I was younger, I benefited from working in Holland and what a great experience it was. I don’t wish to deny the youth or anyone else that opportunity.

Logic says that labour will tend to move to the more prosperous states, but I would rather live in a more prosperous state attracting labour than one where nobody wants to come to.

Finally, whilst we should rightly prevent systematic ‘benefit tourism’, people should be aware of the benefits of reciprocal medical treatment when travelling in Europe, as large numbers of British people do.

I was unlucky enough to break my shoulder in Germany, but thanks to the EU agreement, I was given speedy and superb treatment in a German hospital.

With just a private insurance policy, who knows how I would have fared with the small print and get-out clauses.

Of course we need to be critical about Europe, but there is a world of difference in working with our neighbours in a positive and constructive manner, than the insular and negative attitude displayed by UKIP, and that’s if they bother to turn up at all.

Aside from Europe, we hear surprisingly little about other UKIP policies on welfare, health, education etc. Maybe they are worried about people finding out about them.

Alex Wilson

Address supplied


On May 21 schools, businesses and community groups across the country will be getting their wigs on for CLIC Sargent’s Wig Wednesday.

We would love your readers to join them and help support children and young people coping with cancer.

CLIC Sargent provides practical, emotional and financial support for those aged 0-24 with a cancer diagnosis and Wig Wednesday is a great opportunity to get together with colleagues, fellow pupils or friends to have some fun with wigs while raising vital funds.

We want as many people as possible to wear a wig for the day to show support to children and young people who may lose their hair through treatment for cancer.

It’s easy to get involved. CLIC Sargent can provide you with the materials you need to promote your Wig Wednesday event and you can even buy a selection of fun wigs from our online shop.

If you’d like to wig-up on May 21 visit www.clicsargent.org.uk/wigwednesday or call 0845 1212

Ben Herbert

CLIC Sargent Fundraiser




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