Letters round-up (including call for a bypass and school grotspot)

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Letters to the editor in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


Copy of a letter sent to the Aylesbury Vale Academy

I am writing to you today to complain in the strongest possible terms indeed about that dear old perennial chestnut of a problem, Litter !

I am a resident of the Berryfields estate, and a frequent user of the pathway that runs from the side of your school, down to the main A41, and onwards to the Tesco Express store at Quarrendon.

I and my family have noticed that since your wonderful new academy opened last September, there has been a massive and hideously unsightly increase in the amount of litter which now festoons the verges and watercourses between your school and the aforementioned Tesco store.

I am fully aware that there are currently no litter bins available along the walkways between your school and Tesco’s, something which, you may wish to take up with Aylesbury Vale District Council, hopefully for a more long term solution to the problem.

I can’t help noticing also, that the vast majority of the litter that has been carelessly and thoughtlessly discarded by the side of the road, would easily classify as recyclable material, something, I thought that the more modern, environmentally aware student would have embraced with more enthusiasm than the verges and watercourses currently demonstrate.

It is without doubt, utterly disgusting and demonstrates sheer wanton disregard for 
our newly developing community, and also calls into pertinent question the “values”, we are instilling into young minds these days, it makes me so angry.

Perhaps you may wish to remind your students, (for I have witnessed first hand that it is them that are the major cause of the problem) of their civic duty, their obligation to represent your academy in a favourable light in the local area, and also as a matter of personal pride to please dispose of their litter responsibly and with care and consideration for the residents of this community.

As a suggestion, perhaps you might even be able to whip up enough enthusiasm amongst your students for a litter patrol, to to help clear the tons of litter that has already been thoughtlessly disposed of by the walkways.

I would be more than happy to meet with you and take a short walk to demonstrate exactly what I mean, Just feel free to contact me.

Paul Whittle

Address supplied


I very much enjoyed your short piece in last week’s paper about should school sport be competitive. A point of view close to my own - well thought through and well written.

My little grandson Oliver (aged seven) may disagree though (very competitive!)

I also subscribe to your comments regarding Emmerson Boyce but have mixed feelings about Kevin Pieterson.

A flawed genius no doubt playing his sport for the wrong country and showing gross disloyalty when it was needed most.

Martin Lawler



I would like to comment on the plans to increase the cost to families of home to school transport.

A couple of years ago my children had free school transport to their catchment school. It was then increased to over £300 for each child to get from home to school.

We have no other options as there is no public transport from my home in Aston Clinton to Wendover.

To add to this frustration and worry of paying for it, half the kids in the same village who get on same bus stops get it for free due to the distance from nearest school which is the Grange but not in our catchment school.

Some of these families live a two minute walk from my house. How is this fair. Now they want to increase it again ...unbelievable.

Instead of increasing those who already pay maybe they should look at the amount who get it free.

Would these people who make these decisions be happy to pay knowing their child is sat next to their friend who lives in the same village and is getting it for free.

Garrie Sampson

By email


I was glad to see the Bucks Herald covered the wonderful achievement of Emmerson Boyce in getting Wigan Athletic to Wembley for the 4th time in less than 12 months.

Against all the odds Wigan Athletic beat the Manchester City superstars who cost hundreds of millions to put together.

Emmerson was at the heart of everything – leading by example and making some last ditch tackles and goal line clearances to show that despite all the money that is currently floating around the Premier League that guts and determination can sometimes pay off.

The town of Aylesbury should be justifiably proud of Emmerson’s leadership. The fact that he has stayed with the Club despite dropping from the Premiership to the Championship is testimony to the footballer.

As a Wigan born lad I am so proud of Emmerson and his team. They compete for the crowds in a predominantly Rugby League town.

What surprises me is why Aylesbury have not yet recognised exactly what this young man has achieved.

Hopefully Aylesbury Town Council might consider making him a “Freeman of the Town”. I certainly hope so – he deserves it and I am sure that the Boyce family are all justifiably proud of him right now.

Joe Bradshaw

Executive Assistant to the Chairman &

Assistant Clerk to the 
Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy


I am very worried about the lights at Churchill Avenue, Aylesbury,

I have used them numerous times since they were installed and this is the second time that I have been nearly run over by a van jumping the red lights when the green man crossing has been on.

I thought they were a good idea but people don’t seem to be aware coming up to the roundabout that there are lights???

If I hadn’t stopped as I thought he was going too fast to stop, I would have been flattened.

It seems that the people of Aylesbury need to be reminded that they are not indestructible, people need to slow down and be more aware of what they are doing.

There have been so 
many terrible accidents of late it has to stop. Use your indicators, lights,mirrors and 

Please if you must drive, drive thoughtfully.

Clare Blackburn

Address supplied


After visiting the presentation on the proposed crematorium in Bierton on March 13th I have real concerns with the scheme.

Firstly, the crematorium has not been sited away from a populated village area. Existing village roads are to be utilised for access. In spite of additional 
signage the houses and cottages in the old Rowsham Road will have to endure traffic to, and particularly from, the crematorium.

There are no plans to isolate this road to ensure all traffic uses Cane End Lane only. I would have thought the recently constructed by-passes on the A41 and A505 for example would provide access to many more suitable sites.

Secondly, the scheme appears underfunded which could explain using existing roads.

Cane End Lane is a narrow country lane of light construction with no kerbing or road gully drainage. I see nothing in the plans to indicate this road will be rebuilt. I also see no mention of plans for expansion.

The population of this area is set to increase considerably and the crematorium will need to expand to cope.

Infrastructure needs to be designed and built at the outset to accommodate future building expansion.

Thirdly, the Aylesbury area has recently suffered increased traffic congestion which could well become worse should the proposed housing developments at Broughton, Watermead, and elsewhere come to fruition.

There appears to be currently no coherent road strategy from the Highways authorities to alleviate this congestion. To press ahead with a facility of this nature whilst Aylesbury’s traffic problems are unresolved is premature and could ultimately be regretted.

Mike Francis



Very interesting to see the headlines on page 19, Bucks Herald 12th March, re Chiefs bid to unlock 10,000 jobs in the Vale and admitting that this “leads to concerns that we have had the houses, but not the jobs growth, resulting in an unsustainable situation of net out-commuting on what is frequently seen as pressured road and rail infrastructure.’’

Ironically back in the 2005/6 when BANG was emphasising this very fact with Aylesbury Vantage and Council alike, the very same people were opposed to our ideas by indicating that an Aylesbury bypass was not deemed a necessity !!

Now they are indicating the above. I guess what goes round comes round.

What a shame that the Council did not take notice of the 5,000+ signatures of the public then. There has always been a net out -commuting which was indicated by Aylesbury Vantage at that time but no notice taken.

We have since seen an increase of HGV’s from 4% to now around 10%. using our already over frequented and crowded and dangerous roads.

Now just ask the public what they think, ‘what do they think now’?

It’s called ‘ thinking ahead.’

D Thomas

Address supplied




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