Letters round-up (including bin police)

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Letters to the editor in this week’s Bucks Herald newspaper include:


I don’t often write into a news papers but hell I’m full of anger with the council on this issue..my “One foot in the grave” moment.

I noticed that in Waddesdon the council has started to leave the recycle bins which are over filled. The “Bin Police are here”.

I sat at a council environmental health meeting and it was mention some year back that we won’t yet go down the road of the bin police..Crap!

Its now happening. We also have a spy (Blue Chip) stuck on them as well! They really have no excuse for this either.

There is no excuse from the council NOT to empty these bins.

We the tax payer have paid for it out of our council tax bill either every month or yearly.

Why leave these bins other that to throw there draconian weight about. It’s the councils job to serve the public so empty the bin’s.

If it was okay last year or last week why not today. Ah, but today is different. We can start bullying the people who have over filled there recycle bins by not empting them.

Can’t be to do with weight as my neighbour who did not have her bin empted was subsidized by me for not having a full bin.

The problem with councils is they have forgotten who they work for and who pays for there wages.

As an ex council worker I can assure you that they really don’t give a shove about the council tax payer and will treat us with the utmost contempt. If they say they don’t, then ask the council why it did not empty your bin today.

But of course we are an easy target. I think its time for us to remind the council who they work for and as a concerted effort stop paying our council tax. Well they can’t bang us all up can they!

So you have an over filled recycle bin, the council will tell you to take it to the recycle yard.

But you have no car and the recycle yard will be 10 miles from you. The answer will always be “you have to take it to the recycle yard”! Country is run by idiots and dare I say some of them work for AVDC.

Politicians go on about the “world class” public service. But do you really think that draconian attitudes from our council official is going to serve us any better. Not whilst they continue to treat its wage/tax payers with contempt. Not enough people shout anymore. That’s why these councils can do what they like. And we the taxpayer lets them get away with it.

It’s time to start shouting!

Mr CA Underhill

Address supplied


Reference Aston Clinton’s District Councillor Phil Yerby’s defection from the Conservatives to UKIP Bucks Heral d April 16.

David Lidington MP please take note...the people of Aylesbury vale do not accept the HS2 Coalition Government’s multi billion pound vanity project as a fait accompli, there is still much to fight for and Councillor Phil Yerby’s decision to defect from the safety of the party in power is a shot across the Coalition government’s bows; his defection could be the first of many:

As Conservative councillors and MPs in Buckinghamshire wrestle with their conscience...do they make a stand in the best interest of the people who elected them and the area they represent or do they continue to sit on the fence with their duplicitous public speaking, with perhaps self interest at heart, hoping they can get away with it; pretending they really care ( not enough to resign it seems) ; pretending that there is no choice but to accept HS2 is going to happen...hoping their comfortable majorities will see them re-elected; if they can sell this falsehood to the electorate.

This brave defection by Phil Yerby to UKIP will cause much concern amongst leading Tories both locally and in Westminster not to mention Conservative HQ.

It will be the people who have the final say at the ballot box and I believe thousands of Buckinghamshire voters will also change their allegiance to UKIP as they are the only party refusing to 
accept HS2 as a fait accompli.

Simon Icke

Aston Clinton


I think 50mph is probably a decent top speed in a built-up area, and I recognise that roundabouts have stop lines. I try to drive reasonably at all times.

Recently I have noticed driving that is entirely beyond either sensible or courteous.

To have a car scream up behind me at who knows how many miles per hour, swerve past and not stop at the coming roundabout is just a symptom of the driving I meet.

The funny thing is I often find myself waiting just behind them at the next junction – it isn’t as though it really saves time.

And at traffic lights? Don’t get me started. People rush across at amber and, certainly at the traffic lights nearest to the station, it is no longer safe to go at green, because people will still be crossing the route of those with the green 

I was hoping never to become a grumpy old woman, and don’t feel significantly different from when I was a testy young woman, but I am heartily sick of the attitude of some drivers.

Dianna Moylan, 
Address supplied


With reference to recently-announced changes in the way we can plan for our own futures in terms of pension funds, how will my depreciating and rusty Lamborghini in the garage help fund my future adult care?

If there was ever a case for collective and community action modelled on the National Health Service, paid into but available free at the point and time of need, it is adult care.

For all the Government’s claims, they make difficult decisions with adult care, they are cowards in the face of city profiteers.

A brave government would face them down.

Wanted: a national adult care service and national housing service that will build the houses people need in the place of the help to buy to let con trick.

Tony Banks,
Address supplied


The Lib-Dems keep telling us we need to be in the EU for jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They tell us three-and-a-half million jobs depend on EU membership.

But in reality the jobs depend on trade, not membership and trade will continue after Independence Day.

Meantime, EU employment law creates barriers to entry in the labour market, adds to employment costs, and stifles growth and competitiveness.

It is a job destruction machine.

EU energy policy is driving up costs, undermining competitiveness, and forcing businesses to move offshore, taking their jobs and investment with them. EU industry commissioner Antonio Tajani has said that the EU’s energy policies are “creating an Industrial massacre”.

He should know.

European free movement policy is bringing large numbers of low-skilled workers into the UK, seeking higher wages – or higher welfare payments.

This influx makes finding employment more difficult for existing residents, and causes wage compression.

Finally there’s the reckless and disastrous euro currency experiment, which has created conditions in Southern Europe which we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.

Youth unemployment close to 60 per cent in Greece, and not much better in Portugal, Spain and Italy. A whole generation of Mediterranean youth thrown on the scrap-heap in the name of European integration.

Thank heaven we stayed out of the euro – but the crisis in the Eurozone is still damaging the British economy.

It’s little satisfaction for us Eurosceptics to say: “We told you so 15 years ago.”

But we did. And they wouldn’t listen.

In the EU, policy area after policy area has done huge damage to employment, growth and prosperity. It is simply breath-taking effrontery for the Lib-Dems – and other EU apologists – to tell us that “We need the EU for jobs”.

Roger Helmer & Derek Clark

UKIP East Midlands MEP


Earlier this week, the UN’s high level panel on climate change published a report which shows that we’re not doing anywhere near enough to cut our addiction to fossil fuels.

The bad news from the UN is that we’re already seeing our climate change, and we’re heading for potential disaster if we don’t act now. The effects of climate change range from increased natural disasters, to droughts and sea levels rising.

For those of us living in this part of the UK, we’re going to be increasingly threatened by illness in hot summer months and having our homes flooded in the winter. Our kids and grandkids are likely to be paying the price if we fail to take this threat seriously.

The good news is that the UN’s report makes it clear that we can still avoid the worst effects of climate change. To do this, we need to cut out fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas – and do it quickly.

It’s time to embrace technology that reduces carbon emissions, and cleans up our environment. Fighting climate change is the biggest challenge facing our generation, but the benefits of making the changes needed will cost us very little compared to the price of inaction.

Battling climate change will make this part of Britain, and indeed the rest of the world, a safer place for our families to live for generations to come.

But action on climate change won’t happen by itself. As a Green, I’ll always put acting on climate change at the heart of what I do. But we need politicians across all parties to start taking responsibility and radical action on climate change.

Keith Taylor

Green Party MEP for south east England




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