Is this Aylesbury’s most potholed road?

This pothole goes across the entire lane in Oxford Road, Aylesbury

This pothole goes across the entire lane in Oxford Road, Aylesbury

When taking the kids to school, heading to work or just setting off for a day out, you don’t expect to encounter 53 potholes on one stretch of road.

But that’s the reality on Aylesbury’s Oxford Road, where in the half mile stretch from the Gatehouse Road roundabout to the junction with Churchill Avenue, motorists must negotiate potholes so wide that they stretch over the entire carriageway.

The holes, which have been deteriorating for several months, are also creating a danger for drivers and pedestrians, with many motorists’ attempts to avoid one resulting in bumping down into another.

Motorists enduring the road were keen to express 
their views on the state of the tarmac.

One said: “It’s disgusting, it’s horrendous and like the Third World. This part of Oxford Road is dangerous and not roadworthy.”

Another added: “Clearly nothing is being spent on anything to do with fixing the roads right now, it’s not good enough.”

Bucks County Council says that the works are on their agenda, and will be completed during the school summer holidays.

This week Prime Minister David Cameron announced that £168million would be made available to repair Britain’s roads.

Bucks County Council is set to apply for a share of the funding and in March launched a dedicated pothole blog so that residents could find out more about road repairs.

Steven Lambert, Lib Dem leader at Aylesbury Vale District Council, says delays over funding are causing problems.

He said: “They need to get it done, we are waiting for money from council development but it is disappointing how long it is taking to get through.”

A spokesman for Transport for Buckinghamshire, said: “This stretch of the Oxford Road is included in our programme for roads to be resurfaced.

“To keep disruption to traffic to a minimum, the work is scheduled to take place during the school summer holidays in July/August.

“In the meantime, all potholes are monitored to make sure they don’t deteriorate in to an unsafe condition.”

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