Homes damaged by knee-deep water as floods hit Aylesbury

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Aylesbury residents are counting the cost of damage to their homes after floods poured into living rooms.

Scores of residents in Willows estate are rushing around and wading through the knee-deep water to help out their neighbours with sandbags.

The water levels rose throughout this morning, in the estate which has never before flooded, and police cordoned off the area at 11.20am.

But a lot of damage had already been done as cars passing by were creating bow-waves which were forcing more and more water into homes.

One resident barricaded the entrance to Dormer Close with his van in an attempt to stop the bow-waves and made his own no entry sign.

Luke Eastwood, 25, of Bonham Close, who was carrying bags of clothes away from his house, said: “I woke up and could see the garage was flooded.

“There was so much, I thought the roof has come off! But then I realised it had been coming in underneath.”

Diana Medden, 50, rushed over from her home in Oakfield Park to check on her daughter Amelia, 27, and her two young grandchildren.

Mrs Medden said: “Amelia is actually quite lucky but you can tell a lot of people have homes full of water.”

Councillor Steven Lambert, who is currently at the scene, believes it will only get worse as more rain is forecast.

He said: “Residents rang me just after 5am this morning so I went down there and started knocking on doors, getting people out of bed and telling them to grab their clothes.

“The fire service has done three assessments so far but I know residents are running out of sandbags.

“What I would say though is that the Transport for Bucks team have been exceptionally helpful in delivering 50 sandbags, which is all they have at the moment.”

Victims have been advised to find alternative shelter for two nights with an emergency rest centre set up at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Mr Lambert said: “Don’t forget to take any personal belongings with you, move anything of value upstairs and if you have to leave, swich off electricity.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “Our teams have been working to remove blockages from water courses and streams which helps the water flow and teams will continue to do so tomorrow.

“But the floods are largely due to surface water.”

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