Historic wedding for gay couple

Lauren Parker, left, and Annabelle Lynn, right

Lauren Parker, left, and Annabelle Lynn, right

A same-sex couple are thrilled to be getting married on the very first day gay weddings become legal.

Lauren Parker, 28, and Annabelle Lynn, 22, sent out invitations for their civil partnership service after getting engaged last year but are now overjoyed that it will instead be an historic wedding following a change in the law.

Last week equalities minister Maria Miller confirmed that the first gay weddings can take place from March 29 – the same day as the Stoke Mandeville couple had been planning to have their ceremony.

Lauren said: “As a child you always dream up your big wedding day and now it can happen!

“It doesn’t have to be one of these small civil ceremonies anymore.”

Lauren met Annabelle three years ago when they were both working at Tring Swimming Club.

“I was teaching and she was life-guarding,” said Lauren, who still works as a swimming teacher while Annabelle is a sales executive for Nissan.

The ceremony will take place at Sunningdale Park in Ascot.

The government’s legislation was opposed by some MPs and religious groups but received Royal Assent in July.

Lauren said: “It’s still quite uncomfortable when you hear about it being controversial.

“But we want more people to know about it and hopefully with weddings now, it can become more accepted.

The couple, who are hoping to start a family in the next few years, feel fortunate that the day has fallen when it does.

Lauren said: “It was actually meant to be the weekend before but we changed it because some of our international guests weren’t going to make it.

“All the invitations went out but now we’re having to tell everyone that it’s not actually a civil ceremony. It’s going to be a wedding!”




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